Sunday, October 11, 2009


I feel as if I could pop at any moment, So...before I get all caught up with my new pups, I thought I better shine a light on the older kids. Roxie is a crazy (in a good way, of course), charming little girl who will celebrate her second birthday in January. She is, as you say, tons of fun even though she is more petite in stature than her mom (especially in my very pregnant current state). She loves to talk and kiss and chase her handsome brother around. She's also quite a little looker and became an AKC champion on the weekend of her first birthday.

I believe I also have Roxie to thank for this fall's litter. I usually come into heat later in the fall, typically in October or November. This year Roxie came into heat while we were spending the month of August in Harbor Springs, Michigan. I guess, like you humans tend to do, we cycled together. Anyway, Dad (Toby) lives in San Diego and we had to coordinate everything while on vacation. Thank goodness for FedEx and a nice doctor located near Michigan State University (no turkey baster for this girl)...and nearly 63 days later I'm good to go.