Monday, February 15, 2010

Pandora's Truck

Looks like my Pandora is now driving a classic pickup. And how about that scarf? That sure is something. Maybe she saw that recent movie about Amelia Earhart. She looks more like Amelia than Hillary Swank. I'm a bit worried though because I heard that a woman wearing a long scarf was nearly decapitated when it got caught in an escalator. You be careful Pandy. I have a sneaking feeling that Toby is using that fine ride to pick up the bitches.

Pandy sent me a sweet note:

Hi Mom,
Finally getting around to let you know what’s going on in my life here in California. I am having a grand time chasing my Dad, Toby, around wherever I can, either here in Palm Springs or San Diego. But I like it here in Palm Springs because I have more space and bushes to hide in when I get a little tired. At first I don’t think Dad liked the idea of having competition in attention from our other Dads, but now he has gotten used to having me around. Although, at times he sneaks under a bed to escape from my shenanigans such as pulling his hair. I am learning about grooming and I think I have learned that it is better to relax and let my Dads brush me and I do like the attention I get then. Also, I have learned that walking on a leash is lots of fun, especially if I go alone without Toby. If I go with him I don’t get to chase him and I just have to keep pulling on the leash to try to catch up with him. Yesterday we both had a bath and I kind of like that. I think tomorrow we are going back to San Diego and on the way I might meet my handler for the first time, so we can plan on our first show in April. I hear that the shows are fun, because I will meet lots of other TTs and get a lot of attention from the judges and the people that will be watching me. I miss you and all my brothers and sisters, especially older brother and sister, Angus and Roxie, but I am having a good time here. Lots of love and kisses. Pandy

We all miss you too Pandy. Give your dad's hair a good yank for me.