Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mocha Choca Lata Ya Ya

There was a lively Facebook discussion on the topic of chocolate Tibetan Terriers the other day. Well, I guess, THAT REALLY depends on your definition of lively. Anyway, I have never had the pleasure of meeting a chocolate TT, but I think the one pictured above is quite fetching. I found another pic of a chocolate TT who needs a home. His name is Red and he looks a bit like Scooby-Doo or, perhaps, Burl Ives. Don't you think? Bit of an underbite, but quite lovable I'm sure. Note his light eyes and BIG brown nose and lips and read the Facebook discussion I've posted below. BTW, Red's owner wonders, "Over two thousand years did the monks ever have a Chocolate TT?" I bet they did! And I bet they loved their chocolate TTs!!

Claire Mathieu it is a very nice TT...

Claire Mathieu there a few breeds that accept chocolat color maybe it could be time to revise the standard...

Kuo Yarlung Namtso TibetanTerriers wow this dog is beautiful indeed, no matter his color!!

Rhonda Bailey I have always wondered why Chocolate is not allowed. With a limited gene pool, I don't think I agree we should not allow them. I don't know of any health issues associated with the colour?

Danièle Richer Greenwood I agree Rhonda, I love chocolate brown TTs. I would love to have one, regardless of the breed standards.

Donna L. Ogden Chocolate TTs are not allowed to show because they do not have black noses and very often do not have dark eyes or eye rims. I do not know of any specific health problems from a TT being a chocolate color, perhaps someone else knows more. Perhaps the lighter noses and eye rims did not fare well in the snowy cold climate of Tibet.

Rhonda Bailey The lack of pigment could be a reason! But I know that a lack of pigment is documented on many other colours of TT's.....that are not Chocolate. I wonder if Chocolate has a lack of pigment or does the line have a lack of pigment no matter the colour. A few commented on my Sable (almost gold) boy for his lovely sounded like dogs his colour were not always heavy in the pigment department? Just guessing.

Pierre Tarraran Rhonda, when are you going to come over to the dark side and get yourself a cat.

Rhonda Bailey Ha!!!!! Never....but I can still be dark without a cat :)

Pierre Tarraran Good point, I like your way of thinking.

Cyndi Egbert That is a beautiful dog!!!!

Lynda Zittier I have produced a chocolate puppy .. and he is a lovely colour .. his litter mates were 2 white / black girls ( one of them is my "Bits" ) with lovely strong black pigement and one litter brother who was black and white .. .. no pigment problems with him either .. so I don't think it is the line that lacks pigment

Suddie Lancaster-Taylor Very Pretty. Is this your dog? Is he/she named Mocha Choca Lata Ya Ya?

Claire Mathieu I have look in the CKC/AKC standard for coat color and they accept any color....the only specific color is nose:black
So the only think that is against that color is the nose being brown.... Maybe someone could be courageous enough to show a beautiful chocolat TT in the ring.

Suddie Lancaster-Taylor Rhonda. Does your dog have a black nose or a sweet chocolatey one? What about the eye rims!!

Lynda Zittier Claire .. the TT standard also calls for a dark eye .. which the chocolates do not have ......

Claire Mathieu But there is no disqualifications mentioned in the standard how pale are the eyes of the chololate TT... are they yellow, hazel.. or very pale brown??? here is thel listing of the faults

Faults--Weak pointed muzzle. Any color other than a black nose. Overshot bite or a very undershot bite or a wry mouth. Long narrow head. Lack of fall over the eyes and foreface

Lynda Zittier they are yellow or greenish

Claire Mathieu wow that is a big issue. were there any chocolat TT with darker eyes???or they always come with yellow eyes..

Rhonda Bailey This is not my dog...would love to have him, he looks so adorable. I was sent this photo by Deb Mcfarlane. I hope she doesn't mind me posting this photo. I think this dogs eyes look quite dark but yes, his nose looks brown. I have heard of some TT's with blue or green eyes finishing in the US....not sure how easy that was done but I know it was finished.

Margy Pankiewicz Chocolates are a simple recessive (bb) so they do not make black pigment but are 'self colored". Dogs that "lack" good pigment actually are dilutes which is caused by a modifier and dilution of the black pigment (BB). They are totally separate issues. Some chocolates have darker eyes than others (green or hazel as opposed to yellow) but they cannot have the dark brown eye of a dog carrying black pigment. And no, there are no health issues associated with chocolates.