Friday, March 19, 2010


I received a great note from my new friend Cecilia about her TT Shaggy:

It is very rare that I ever use the phrase, my dog Shaggy, since he is not our "family dog"--he is the man of our house.

Shaggy takes this role very seriously, at night he walks with me to make sure that I have locked all the doors before going to bed, and on the rare occation that I forget to do this, Shaggy will jump on my bed and bark at me until I get up and do our rounds. The first time he did this I thought he was nuts, but now I make a big production of it, and he seems very pleased with himself as he circles the foot of my bed and settles in for the night.

Shaggy came to our little family, when my daughter was 5 years old. Her father and I just went through a divorce and I wanted her to have someone she could confide in who would keep her secrets. Shaggy loves that role in our family the most. I often say my daughter makes my dog smile. I have the pictures to prove it. He will follow Marisa anywhere, even into the cold waters of the Northern Californian beaches. They do this a lot.