Monday, January 18, 2010

Grooming Your TT

About a year ago our friend Sonia asked us to create a video that would help her groom her TT. You see she lives with one of my pups from my first litter. Well almost a year later.....

I hope that Sonia finds this video helpful and maybe some of you will as well. I am in a coffee shop with my dad trying to upload the video and youtube won't accept it because it is too long. So I am now trying to break it down into three parts so that it fits. I can't really play it to see if the parts equal the whole without disturbing everyone in the coffee house. So I'm going to wing it and hope it's not too shabby. I will fix it over the weekend if it's all nutty. Oh, and another thing, please try to ignore the view of the toilet in the background of the videos. I tried to push the door closed with my head, but I just couldn't seem to manage it.