Friday, October 29, 2010

Vanity Fur

Billy, my newest and dearest friend, is a soap tester. You see, Billy is a Tibetan Terrier and his father Warren Booth is one of the founders of The Yorkshire Soap Company. The firm is best known for creating hand-made soaps in mouth-watering cupcake designs. Now don't get all up in arms. They aren't testing human products on dear sweet Billy. No, The Yorkshire Soap Company has a very handsome new doggy soap on a rope called Vanity Fur and Billy was very involved in its development.

Warren told me that his two dogs, Tibetan terrier William and mini schnauzer Lucy, now have the sparkliest coats in Leeds after they were the first dogs to try out the canine soap on a rope.

"It is the only product in the shop to be tested on animals and my dogs have got the shiniest coats around now," he said.

They sure do! And word has gotten out! Just yesterday it was announced that Harrod's, the world's most famous department store, will soon be selling Vanity Fur. Good job Billy!

Now Billy is what some might call an old man - almost 16 years old. He keeps his hair short and stylish and reminds me a bit of Daniel Craig. You should see Billy in his square-cut swim shorts!

According to Warren, "Billy is the most wonderful pet and now in his twilight years is a little slower but still full of character and life! Still chases cats, looks after his sister and is always extremely loving after a long day in the soap shop!"

Billy's favourite soap is the tea tree and eucalyptus, he likes the smell and the taste! He always licks the bubbles in the bath!

Billy have you ever been to the Poconos? There's a heart-shaped tub with our name on it.

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