Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too Many Tibetan Terriers...

Not enough time. That's how I felt this week at the Tibetan Terrier National Specialty. There were Tibetan Terriers and their owners and handlers there from all over the USA and even from other countries. I met one guy there named Zsolt and he was from Budapest. I didn't get to meet everyone though because I wanted to spend all my quality time with my boys Rufus and Sherpa. You see they traveled here to compete in the National Specialty Show.

Rufus drove from Iowa with his dad to Chicago and then flew into Boston. It was his first time on an airplane and he was such a brave boy. He has his very own sherpa bag and got to travel at his dad's feet all the way. Now that's what I call FIRST CLASS. On their way home their flight was delayed and they didn't get home until three in the morning, but Rufus never complained once. Well, OK, maybe once but he was still a very good boy. Sherpa drove with his dad each day to the specialty show from Connecticut. His dad was supposed to be at an important meeting in Florida, but something happened and he had to cancel his business trip. So I got to see them both everyday. Sherpa's dad is very dandy and has quite a flair. I really like his new glasses. He even took a yellow scarf that was in the goody bag and used it as an ascot. It looked quite fine. I'm just glad he didn't stick it in his back pocket. Well, turns out, Sherpa's dad is quite a trendsetter and before I could chase a stick, everyone was wearing those darn yellow scarfs around their necks and over their heads. I even saw one woman who fashioned three of them into a kind of bikini. Needless to say she got a lot of attention as she ran around the ring. Her dog didn't win though. Mine did!

Above: Best Puppy in Show, Tibetan Terrier National Specialty Show, Deep Acres Fields of Gold

My boys Rufus and Sherpa won every class they were entered in. It was a Deep Acres shut out. At least I like to think of it that way. And then in the most important event of the 2010 Tibetan Terrier National Specialty, the conformation competition, Rufus not only won his class, but also went on to be crowned Best Puppy in Show. Now that's really something. I think so anyway. The next day Sherpa prevailed in his class and went on to earn the Reserve Winners ribbon. What does all this mean and should I really care? I do like the ribbons though. They are really pretty. My boys won so many ribbons I can't even count them.

Know what was even better than the ribbons? The dogs. They were fantastic! And the people too, of course. Except for those catty, competitive TT owners. They stink! Just kidding! Not! Oh yes I am. Oh no I'm not. Yes I am! Would you believe that two of "Suddie's Groupies" showed up! Alana and Shari. One from New York and one all the way from London. They are mother and daughter although they look like very hip sisters. They have been emailing me for quite some time (from New York and London) so it was so good to meet them. They told me they read my blog everyday. Sometimes twice! You see they had a beautiful TT girl named Bella that they loved so much, She is now using a nice big fluffy cloud as a dog bed. They think they are ready now to bring a special new little one into their lives. They are so nice. I wish it could be me. I would probably miss my dad too much and, I know, he couldn't get along without me.

Do you know that Rufus' formal name is Deep Acres Fields of Gold? After seeing him at the show, I know that the name is perfect for him. Well, maybe, Deep Acres Waves of Gold would describe his coat a bit more precisely. Lovely boy!

I also met a very nice couple in matching hats. They had quite a few TTs in their heyday and they regaled us with stories and anecdotes about their TTs. Old people, I mean TT owners, love to do that.

I also met the greatest little guy named Colin. He was spending the day with his Nana and they came together to the National Specialty Show. Next, they were headed to The Creamery for lobster rolls and ice cream. This Colin was as cute as a puppy. You don't see that often in the human breed. Kinda reminded me of my boy Sherpa. They played very well together.

Speaking of cute. Do you remember Rufus and Elsa's kids? Ryan and Grace and little Sophia. The ones that are learning to be junior handlers? They really missed Rufus while he was away at the show. The TT t-shirts that he picked out special for them at the show made it much better. I really like Grace's red babushka. Very Diane Keaton in that movie Reds. Looking very stylish girl! Proletariat chic.