Friday, November 6, 2009

I Feel Pretty

Pretty tired that is. Just like MeeMaw.
That woman is always tired. Then again she is old as dirt. But you see, in addition to tending to the little ones, I've been walked up the hill and back down. Let me tell you it's a long, tedious walk. Day after day after day we go on this same blasted walk. And, you know what, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've plodded up and down these stinking stairs. For the coup de grace, dad cajoled me out of the house to play catch with Roxie and Angus. Well, he only threw the tennis ball a couple times for me. I think he thinks I'm going to hurt myself with all this milk I'm carrying. Darn straight!

I'm still better at frisbee than Roxie and Angus. They're young you know. I put Angus' hair in a pony tail. Otherwise he can't see the frisbee at all. Now I must admit it's good for me to get outside and clear my head. It also gives me some quality fun time with Roxie and Angus. I feel a little bad that I can't spend as much time with them now that I have seven other pups to care for. But, you know what, I think they really understand. I must admit that I was a bit worried about what Roxie and Angus would make of these tiny pups, their new brothers and sisters. They hadn't seen them at all until two days ago, but they knew something was up. So the day before yesterday dad carefully introduced them to the pups one at a time. They were surprising calm and gentle. Especially Roxie who has been nuzzling them and even turned over on her back like she wanted to nurse them. Now wouldn't that be nice.

I'm so glad that they are all getting along so well and I look forward to the day when we can all go out in the backyard and play together. It is so good for the pups socialization to safely interact with other dogs and people from a young age. Grammy Jill is coming for Thanksgiving and she is bringing Sadie so that will throw another friendly dog into the mix.

If you ever bring a new puppy into your home, I strongly recommend that you enroll in a group puppy socialization class as soon as possible. This is a great way to learn basic tools for working with your new pup and it is good for their socialization as well. I also believe it is important to actively introduce your puppy to dogs, people, and a variety of situations to aid in their development. These introductions should be practiced both off-leash in a safe, enclosed area and on-leash in a variety of settings. This will help ensure that your pup becomes comfortable both off- and on-leash approaching new situations and meeting new dogs and people. Praise all positive behavior and quickly correct any negative behaviors. Ask your training class instructor to demonstrate appropriate methods to praise and correct your pup. After completion of your puppy training class, continued group training classes and socialization activities through your pups first few years promote optimal behavior. You know what they say. Pretty is as pretty does.