Sunday, January 10, 2010

Buster and Jazz and Mabel and Elsa and Rufus

As promised by her new mommy, I received some pics of Jazz with her big brother Buster (from my first litter). I thought you might like ot see a couple. Jazz seems quite content curled up in Buster's tail. Buster and Roxie and Angus and all of my pups from the first litter will be two years old on Saturday.

And I just received a bunch of great pics from Mabel's new parents. Mabel now lives in Maryland and, as you may recall, her parents want another puppy from Deep Acres Farm's next litter. Mabel turns two on Saturday too. Here are a couple of pics of her out in the snow. She's a pretty girl!

And my newest pups will be three months old this week. Here are some cute pics that I received from Elsa and Rufus.