Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

So, now, we were back in Iowa. Which was great because I got to spend the entire weekend with Rufus and Elsa who, you know, now live in Iowa City. And, yes, Rufus was in another dog show and he took Best of Winners on both days. In fact, this was the third weekend in a row where Rufus took Best of Winners EVERYDAY.

But, really, the best part was that I got to spend lots of time with 4 of my fifteen pups. Rufus and Elsa and Angus and Roxie. They all got along incredibly well and learned to share the Nylabones.

On Sunday, after the show, we all suited up and headed off to Thornberry off-leash dog park in Iowa City. It has three separate areas: a large small-dog area, an agility training area, and a HUGE play park which contains a pond (which is fenced separately in case your folks don't want you to get wet or completely filthy). Well, we all ran around like nuts and then sat peacefully in the shade of a tree. It was a VERY HOT day.