Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Baboo and Doodles

Above: Sweet Baboo (left) and Doodles

Last year we also went down south for the winter months. Dad says that we are snowbirds. Very young snowbirds!

So, anyway, one day last year when we walking around our southern neighborhood a woman in a parked car rolled down her window and hollered out "Who are these beautiful dogs?" So dad stopped and chatted for awhile and it turned out that she also had a Tibetan Terrier named Sweet Baboo. Dad thought she said Sweet Bamboo, but I heard it correctly and it was Sweet Baboo. It so happens that she also has a store just filled with every type of accoutrement you could ever imagine for dogs. So she told us that we must stop by and meet Sweet Baboo for he goes to the store everyday. She also told us about her other TT, Doodle Dandy, who is no longer with us. Doodle Dandy was born on the fourth of July and he and his litter mates all received patriotic names. I don't know what his litter mates names were but I am imagining Uncle Sam, Stars and Stripes, Betsy Ross....Firecracker? Anyway, I just love the name Doodle Dandy. He was more commonly called Doodles.
We never made it to the shop last year, but happened on it, by accident, this year. You see dad was looking for some flowering branches for the house and it turns out that the dog store is part dog store and part flower shop. Isn't that a cool and unusual combination. Well, we recognized the lady from the car immediately and she recognized us too. But there was no Sweet Baboo. He went to the big dog park in the sky in October. He was fourteen. That made me a bit sad and so sorry that dad didn't get around to visiting last year. Dad asked a lot of questions about Baboo although he continued to call him Sweet Bamboo even after the nice woman from the car spelled it out for him, B-A-B-O-O ( rhymes with yahoo). She showed us some beautiful paintings her brother (the TTs original owner) painted of Babboo and Doodles including one of Babboo on top of the table in the shop. This was his favorite place to be.