Saturday, July 31, 2010

Divas and Players

Have you ever watched that reality show Dallas Divas and Daughters? It's about these really horrible moms (the divas) and their equally horrible daughters (the daughters). And it all takes place in Dallas. It's mildly engrossing and totally ridiculous. I don't even know what network it's on. You see, dad purchased it on iTunes and we all cuddled up in the media room in Dallas and watched it, one quick episode after another, until we had seen it all. It was as if dad thought it would serve as an educational film for us newbies in Dallas. Here's what I learned. I'm a diva, but also a bit of a player. And Angus, Angus is a total player. Roxie is a tiny diva. A divita. Rufus is a player in training. A playito. And dad? Everyone knows dad is a BIG OLD DIVA and a TOTAL PLAYER. The worst of both worlds really. This is especially surprising packaged in someone who, on occasion, has been confused for a Mormon.

Brotherly Love: Angus and Rufus Lounge on the Floor of the Divas and Players Suite at the Four Seasons, Houston.

Well we had heard (and from a really reliable source), "NO ONE COMES TO HOUSTON FOR FUN." But how could this be true of Beyonce's hometown? She's one bootylicious diva. For us it was like we were starring in our very own reality show Houston Divas and Players. First of all, we were staying in the Divas and Players Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown. It wasn't really called that, but that's how we started referring to it. As befits a diva, we had lots of servants there. Delivering us distilled water by the jug-full and when we arrived they delivered four HUGE bowls of dog food. Dad quickly scooped this up and dumped it in the dry cleaning bag he found in the room. He has been parsing it out to us with our regular food ever since. The first night we stayed in the room while dad went downstairs to the restaurant Quattro where the chef from the Four Seasons Florence had just started working two days before. So while he was enjoying an eggplant and burrata starter, arugula soup with panzanella and pan-seared gnocchi with tomatoes and mushrooms, we were upstairs acting out our favorite scenes from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Angus, since he's the oldest and a boy, got to play the lead. A spoiled female Chihuahua from Beverly Hills. It's amazing how much Angus can sound like Drew Barrymore when he's really into it. I played his love interest. A German Shepherd, a former police dog who lost his sense of smell due to psychic trauma. It's a very complicated plot line.

Everyday, at least twice, we would visit Discovery Green which is just out the door from the Four Seasons. It's this wonderful new 12-acre park with great lawns, naturalistic ponds filled with beautiful water lilies and those little boats like you see in the parks in Paris, swathes of tall grass, and two small dog runs. And flowers with dragonflies and hummingbirds floating above them. There is a SUPER COOL part where water dances out of the ground to the delight of all. It is teeming with children of all types in swimsuits of every color. And boy is it fun. The next morning we walked through with dad and got completely messy. Good thing they have lots of towels at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston.

On Saturday morning we showed up for free yoga in the park and returned that evening to find a Mexican country band playing some old country song. I don't know why, but dad knew all the words. Here we met little Olivia and her beautiful family. Olivia pointed out that she was sporting a hairstyle that was very similar to ours. She was as pretty as a picture with a smile as warm as the sweet Texas air.

Houston what a great job you did on this park. It's like some fantastical zocalo filled with community and love and people and dogs of every type. There's even a great restaurant in a sleek modern building called The Grove. The dining room offers sweeping views of the park and the best darn pomegranate margaritas north of the border (or so my dad tells me). Special props (that's the player in me speaking) to Dirk the general manager at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston for making us feel so welcome and for giving us great restuarant recommendations even before we arrived. Dirk, dad says both Gravitas and T'Afia were PERFECT!

Houston, we do not have a problem. We will definitely be back.