Friday, March 1, 2013

Tibetan Terrier Saves Pub

Mark and Harriet Jenkinson with Jasmine
UK pub owners Mark and Harriet Jenkinson have praised their dog for raising the alarm after a fire broke out in their upstairs flat.

Jasmine, a 14-month-old Tibetan terrier, broke down a stair gate and ran down the stairs at The George Inn, a pub in England.

The pub was packed with more than 50 customers during the lunchtime service on Saturday, January 26, including a 90th birthday celebration.

Mrs Jenkinson, 37, went from the bar to find out why Jasmine was barking and within a minute the smoke detector went off.

The pub was evacuated and fire crews from Chippenham, Calne and Swindon put out the flames and ventilated the flat of smoke.

The fire was caused by a fault in a fridge in the couple’s flat.

The pub was closed for a couple of days while repairs were made to the dining room after water came through the ceiling from the fire crew’s hoses.

Mr Jenkinson, 50, said: “When Jasmine barks it’s usually because she wants to go outside for a wee but this seemed a bit more frantic.

“She was upstairs and she either heard something in the kitchen or smelled the smoke before the detector started. She managed to break down the stair gate and alerted us by her barking.

“Our staff were brilliant and we got everybody out of the pub. I tried to see if I could put the fire out but I couldn’t get into the kitchen, it was too smoky.”

A couple of customers took Jasmine home with them to Calne while the fire brigade were there and she was reunited with Mr and Mrs Jenkinson the next day.

Mr Jenkinson said: “Jasmine is a very good guard dog and is calm. The customers are not surprised at what she did, she is such a good little dog. She was the none the worse for wear by the fire.”