Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parmesan Cheese

I don't think I ever told you that I love parmesan cheese. I really do. Sometimes my dad will sprinkle just a little on my food and it is pure pleasure. I guess you know that I like to eat. Remember my post Gourmet or Gourmand? My dad loves parmesan cheese too and sometimes I make him his favorite salad which consists of arugula, the juice of one lemon, the zest of one lemon, a splash or two or a garlic olive oil dressing he loves called Garlic Expressions, and lots of shaved parmesan. Dad shaves the parmesan himself with a potato peeler cause he doesn't want me to hurt myself. I like to toss the salad.

I was dreaming about parmesan cheese when I received a note from Lisa. You see Lisa lives in Parma, Italy. The birthplace of parmesan cheese.

I thought you would enjoy Lisa's note and her beautiful Tibetan Terriers:

Hi Suddie,
Our adventure with tts got its beginning in 1999 with our Princess Olivia (Ch. Schaka Ta's Qanda), and today I like say "what would be Qanda Lhi's without our Olivia????" She is a special girl, with a great lovely personality.
Because of this, one year after we got her, we got also her friend Kimba (Schaka Ta's Rah-Lhi) from her breeder Inger Johannessen in Norway.

We live in the North of Italy, and just for our dogs' pleasure we are now living on the hills, where the fresh summer weather and the great green place around our home are just the best for our 4 legs family.

Our dogs live in our home, and we are proud and happy to have at home so special creatures. At today we have 9 tibetans at home.. and everyone got my heart in a different way.
We have Olivia and Kimba, the older.... Nike the King Lion, Missy the indisputable Beauty, Tara the Devil with Angel face, Naga The Clown, Gina the Big Love of everyone, Nisha The Monster and now little Dora.. who needs to have her nick name yet....!

We also have lot of fun to show our dogs with nice results and big satisfactions. We have Italian Champions, Austrian Champions, Sanmarino Champions, International Champions, Finnish Champions, Swedish Champions and Club Champions....
...but what we like more is to live together with these special creatures.....

We love everyone of them... and we cannot immage our life without our dogs....


Lisa...I don't mean to be forward, but can I come visit? Dad, I promise to bring back some cheese.