Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Tred on the Lungwort

"Don't tred on the Lungwort," that's what dad keeps telling us. Do we pay any attention?

Yes, the Lungwort is blooming in our garden and, I am sure, dad is about to put up those little fences to keep us out of the perennial beds.

Can't believe it's going to be near 80 degrees here tomorrow. Time to put my fur coat in storage!

Lungworts are perennial herbs that form clumps or rosettes. They are covered in hairs of varied length and stiffness, and sometimes also bear glands. The underground parts consist of a slowly creeping rhizome with adventitious roots. Flowering stems are unbranched, rough, covered with bristly hairs, usually not exceeding 25–30cm, with a few exceptions (P. mollis, P. vallarsae). The stems are usually upright, or slightly spreading.