Monday, January 11, 2010

Schools are for Fishes...and Puppies

You know I value education. So I was very happy to learn that Elsa and Rufus are attending school with their new sister Sophia. I received this sweet note from them. It makes me feel warm all over.

Dear Mommy,
It's been a crazy few weeks since we left you in Massachusetts. The ride to our new home was a LONG one, and our stops at the rest areas were sometimes downright frightening. Our new crates are warm and cozy though. It has been cold and snowy outside. During our most recent walks, the snow is deeper than our legs can carry us. We have to jump.. jump... jump. We've had great appetites, and our new owners think we are growing every day.
Grace and Sophia can't help but give us hugs and kisses all the time. Ryan likes to snuggle with us on the floor. Just this week we took a trip to Sophia's preschool. It was fun to explore a new place, and all the kids were sweet. We included pictures of the trip so you could see how nice it was.
Gotta go for now. We are going to play downstairs with Grace and Sophia. We miss you, our brothers, and our sisters, but we love the new family we have found in Iowa. We hope you can visit us sometime.
Rufus and Elsa