Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ooo Wah, Ooo Wah C'mon Kitty

Tell us about the boy from Iowa City

First of all, I'm not a kitty. Or a monkey for that matter. But my boy Rufus, he is from Iowa City.

He's really fine
And he's neat
And oh so sweet
And just the way he looked at me
He swept me off my feet
Ooo wee, you ought to come and see
How he walks
And how he talks

You see Rufus traveled with us to Chicago this past weekend and he was not only Winners Dog but also Best of Winners on two consecutive days. I was so proud of him. The president of the hosting kennel club even came over to talk to us. We also got to meet some well known breeders from the Chicago area, Barnstorm and Cedar Creek, who were also showing their TTs.

On the first day my dad wore a seersucker jacket and so did the judge. The judge commented, "Nice jacket," but I don't think that is why little Rufus won. You see, Rufus is just adorable with a perfect little shape and attitude. At least I tend to think so. On the second day, I could tell the judge just loved him. It's so nice to spend some time with Rufus. Roxie and Angus seem to love their little brother too.

I also just received official pics of Rufus' wins at the Tibetan Terrier National Specialty Show last month.

Above: Deep Acres Fields of Gold, Best Puppy in Show, Tibetan Terrier National Specialty Show

Above: Deep Acres Fields of Gold, First in Class, Tibetan Terrier National Specialty Show