Monday, July 12, 2010

Simply The Best

My little Sherpa turned 9-months old on Sunday and he celebrated by first winning best puppy in breed at the Yankee Classic and then, the frosting on the birthday cake, placing first in the non-sporting puppy group. First! Am I gloating about my big baby boy? Can one gloat about someone else or can you only gloat about yourself? Well, Sherpa is a part of me. I AM gloating!

A day or so before he took Winners Dog and, then, Best of Winners. This was his second MAJOR so he is pretty much 3/4 of the way to his championship. Damn! Damn Yankee! Damn Right!

What a handsome boy and so sweet too! It must be all the love he gets at home. His dad is constantly shuttling him around to puppy social hour, the dog park, agility class, cocktails at the shore. Or preparing extra lean ground chuck on the grill for him. What a life! What can I say? He deserves to be pampered and every accolade.