Monday, October 12, 2009


You remember that cute little dog bed in my first post (below)? Well the time came and I just ripped it all to heck. Shredded it and pulled out all the stuffing. I started having contractions at 3 PM yesterday and the last pup arrived at 5:20 AM this morning and darn if tearing into that precious little bed didn't take my mind off things for a few minutes. Who are these bitches that say once the pups arrive you forget the pain. Let me tell you I REMEMBER! Oh well, I can blame it on the hormones, but really I just wanted to make a nice nest for my new pups...and it was a comfy spot for me to rest between the 7 deliveries.

Yes. I had seven pups. Four boys and three girls. Not as many as the prognosticators were predicting, but you know what, now that I no longer have a dog bed I'm starting to believe that less is more. And they are beautiful pups. I now have 2 gorgeous sable boys similar in color to Rufus and Sadie from my last litter. One of my sables (that's what I call them) has the cutest white front paw. As they mature into young adults this color becomes a beautiful blond. A dark gold-black boy with white markings. An ebony boy similar to Baxter from my last litter (but this one has a white tipped tail) and two beautiful ebony girls. And finally a striking black girl with a white yoke around her neck, white front legs, and a tail that looks like it was dipped in white chocolate. They really all are beautiful and healthy and doing well. Oh, yes, and they can't get enough of my fresh milk.

It will be fun to watch them grow and watch their colors change. They do that you know. I don't allow pictures of my kids until their eyes open at about 2 weeks, but as soon as those little buggers open, I will be taking and posting lots of pics. In the mean time, you can check out pics of my previous litter at Gotta go now. I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that everything is fine. It's not so easy to type while nursing seven pups. You know what they say, no rest for the wicked. Wickedly gorgeous that is!