Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shimla and Shadow

Our new friend, Cyndy, who with her TT, Shadow, met my boy Sherpa at the vet's office yesterday sent us a nice note with more info on her TTs and some pics:

Dear Suddie,
Thanks for your reply...Just checked out the it!
We had two TT's - Shimla and Shadow, which we acquired while on an expat assignment in the UK. At the time, we had a Lhasa which, unfortunately did not make it through the UK quarantine period. So, when looking for a new dog, and after considerable research we decided the Tibetan was perfect for us.
Shimla was our first. She came from Valerie Hocking in the Midlands. The lineage of her dogs stems back to Dr. Greig's original TT's. She was born blind in one eye so she never would have been a show dog. She's a quirkly old gal that has brought us many years of joy. Despite a few signs of old age, she's a hardy lady and enjoys being queen of the castle!
Shadow was our second. He came to us from Khados also in the Midlands. We stumbled upon them when we needed a kennel near our home for Shimmy. Coincidentally, they were TT breeders, and we adopted Shadow from one of their litters. Had we remained in the UK, he would have been shown, but we relocated back to the US. Sadly, he succumbed to cancer a couple of years ago at the young age of 10. He was my loyal little trouble maker, and I miss him dearly. If you are interested, Khados is on the web at There is a picture of Shadow under "More Family Members".
Please keep me posted on any litters and updates! I simply love the breed for too many reasons to mention. So, I know one day we will welcome another into our home.