Tuesday, October 30, 2012

King of the TTs

Michael and Sherpa
Sherpa, Champion Deep Acres Autumn Splendor,  felt like King of the TTs when he took Best of Breed last weekend at the Albany Kennel Club Show.  And he really is!   It was a big win too.  A 5-point major!  That means that there were lots of dogs in the ring and Sherpa prevailed.   Only 4 more points and he will be crowned a Grand Champion.  What's next?  King of the TTs?

Sherpa and his dad, Michael, are championship farmers too.  They live with a brood of hens and grow all sorts of tasty produce.  Just check out their sweet potatoes.   Fresh eggs and sweet potato hash browns!  What could be better?  I'm sure our invitation is in the mail.

The blessing of the sweet potatoes