Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too Many Tibetan Terriers...

Not enough time. That's how I felt this week at the Tibetan Terrier National Specialty. There were Tibetan Terriers and their owners and handlers there from all over the USA and even from other countries. I met one guy there named Zsolt and he was from Budapest. I didn't get to meet everyone though because I wanted to spend all my quality time with my boys Rufus and Sherpa. You see they traveled here to compete in the National Specialty Show.

Rufus drove from Iowa with his dad to Chicago and then flew into Boston. It was his first time on an airplane and he was such a brave boy. He has his very own sherpa bag and got to travel at his dad's feet all the way. Now that's what I call FIRST CLASS. On their way home their flight was delayed and they didn't get home until three in the morning, but Rufus never complained once. Well, OK, maybe once but he was still a very good boy. Sherpa drove with his dad each day to the specialty show from Connecticut. His dad was supposed to be at an important meeting in Florida, but something happened and he had to cancel his business trip. So I got to see them both everyday. Sherpa's dad is very dandy and has quite a flair. I really like his new glasses. He even took a yellow scarf that was in the goody bag and used it as an ascot. It looked quite fine. I'm just glad he didn't stick it in his back pocket. Well, turns out, Sherpa's dad is quite a trendsetter and before I could chase a stick, everyone was wearing those darn yellow scarfs around their necks and over their heads. I even saw one woman who fashioned three of them into a kind of bikini. Needless to say she got a lot of attention as she ran around the ring. Her dog didn't win though. Mine did!

Above: Best Puppy in Show, Tibetan Terrier National Specialty Show, Deep Acres Fields of Gold

My boys Rufus and Sherpa won every class they were entered in. It was a Deep Acres shut out. At least I like to think of it that way. And then in the most important event of the 2010 Tibetan Terrier National Specialty, the conformation competition, Rufus not only won his class, but also went on to be crowned Best Puppy in Show. Now that's really something. I think so anyway. The next day Sherpa prevailed in his class and went on to earn the Reserve Winners ribbon. What does all this mean and should I really care? I do like the ribbons though. They are really pretty. My boys won so many ribbons I can't even count them.

Know what was even better than the ribbons? The dogs. They were fantastic! And the people too, of course. Except for those catty, competitive TT owners. They stink! Just kidding! Not! Oh yes I am. Oh no I'm not. Yes I am! Would you believe that two of "Suddie's Groupies" showed up! Alana and Shari. One from New York and one all the way from London. They are mother and daughter although they look like very hip sisters. They have been emailing me for quite some time (from New York and London) so it was so good to meet them. They told me they read my blog everyday. Sometimes twice! You see they had a beautiful TT girl named Bella that they loved so much, She is now using a nice big fluffy cloud as a dog bed. They think they are ready now to bring a special new little one into their lives. They are so nice. I wish it could be me. I would probably miss my dad too much and, I know, he couldn't get along without me.

Do you know that Rufus' formal name is Deep Acres Fields of Gold? After seeing him at the show, I know that the name is perfect for him. Well, maybe, Deep Acres Waves of Gold would describe his coat a bit more precisely. Lovely boy!

I also met a very nice couple in matching hats. They had quite a few TTs in their heyday and they regaled us with stories and anecdotes about their TTs. Old people, I mean TT owners, love to do that.

I also met the greatest little guy named Colin. He was spending the day with his Nana and they came together to the National Specialty Show. Next, they were headed to The Creamery for lobster rolls and ice cream. This Colin was as cute as a puppy. You don't see that often in the human breed. Kinda reminded me of my boy Sherpa. They played very well together.

Speaking of cute. Do you remember Rufus and Elsa's kids? Ryan and Grace and little Sophia. The ones that are learning to be junior handlers? They really missed Rufus while he was away at the show. The TT t-shirts that he picked out special for them at the show made it much better. I really like Grace's red babushka. Very Diane Keaton in that movie Reds. Looking very stylish girl! Proletariat chic.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Love New York (Part II)

Now I forgot to tell you that if you are in New York and in Central Park and you're a dog you just have to go to the cafe at the Delacorte Theater. You know the theater where they perform Shakespeare in the Park. Well the cafe has great things for people like lemon whoopie pies, but, even better, they have huge dog bones for me. There is a enormous glass jar on the counter and they're free. You can just lift the lid and take as many as you want. We stopped by everyday. I insisted.

Angus and Roxie and I sat on a park bench near the theater for a photo-op. That's what dad calls it. Seems like everything is a photo-op in dad's world. Anyway, it was a beautiful day the day we arrived in New York. We walked all over Central Park and met all sorts of dogs. In the evening, Dad went to see a play on Broadway called Everyday Rapture and he loved it. Angus and Roxie and I stayed in the suite, ordered room service and watched TV. Well, we didn't really order room service. Dad always checks the bill really closely.

You know what? Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter sat right in front of my dad at the play. You may not know that I love Harry Potter. But I do. I really do. Dad took a pic of young thespian Radcliffe with his iPhone for me. It's pretty fuzzy but it is Harry Potter. I would know that profile anywhere. Dad also took a picture of the stage curtain. It is a beautiful shade of blue. I just love blue. Except in food. I definitely don't like blue food. Except for blueberries. I'll eat one or two of those. On a really hot day.

Our second day in New York was quite rainy, but that didn't stop us from paddling all over New York. We got completely soaked. We looked like little beavers. Beavers in long coats with good teeth. I wonder what Csopie, that sweet Puli, looks like when she gets wet. I wonder how often she takes a bath. What shampoo does she use? Does she bathe at all? I'm sure she does.

We walked back to the hotel along all the boutiques and cafes on Madison Avenue. We passed Nello. The restaurant I wrote about a few weeks ago. By then the sun was peeking through and the tables outside Nello looked beautiful. We also ran into Susie in a pink coat with her dog walker. Susie is our old friend Brondi's dog. Part dog part bloated tick. With a really tiny head. But really sweet. Sort of. We didn't call Brondi this trip. We haven't called her in a long time. We hope she somehow sees this post so she knows we were thinking good thoughts. When we got back to the hotel, we soaked our tired feet in the tub and then settled in while Dad went to an exhibit at MOMA. He told us it was a performance art exhibit that featured naked people. Several patrons have been thrown out or arrested or something for copping a feel. That's what I read in the New York Times. That night dad went to dinner without us at a restaurant called Paola's next door to the hotel. He sat at the bar and had them make him one of his Whiskey Sours, complete with a slice of orange and sugar on the rim. He loved his pasta with green beans and potatoes. He said it was Ligurian. Can someone tell me where Liguria is? He sat next to a nice guy named Steve who lives with his wife on Fifth Avenue across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course, they talked about me and Roxie and Angus. The guy even brought up our website on his phone. He thought we were "cute."

Our last day in New York was beautiful and we headed north to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Its site was once a huge greenhouse. It's now filled with beautiful flower gardens and fountains. We really loved the birds that love to splash in the fountain.

We then made our way to Lincoln Center where Angus tried to jump up on the granite bench that surrounds the huge fountain there. A security guard appeared and told us that is simply not allowed. We loved that fountain. It was super gushy. We then had a picnic right in the middle of Columbus Circle. It's like a little oasis there since they redid it and surrounded it with fountains. Did I mention that I love fountains?

After lunch we made our way back to the hotel along Central Park South and then up Fifth Avenue. It was a really lovely trip, but we happy to see the comfy cushions in the back of our car. As my friend Dorothy says "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Love New York (Part I)

You're probably not surprised that the first time I came to New York and stayed at the Hotel Wales on Madison and 92nd I was a bit pee shy. My dad walked me the block over to the park and we walked and we walked and we walked. But I just couldn't pee. Not with all those sounds and sirens and smells and distractions. I finally went the next day after I just couldn't hold it any longer. That's why I was so proud when, last week, Roxie put on the brakes and took a nice BIG POOP right on the sidewalk along Central Park. Life and it's simple pleasures.

We had just come from the dog park north of the Museum of Natural History. There were lots of New York dogs and we loved sniffing around with them. Some old man carrying the largest pooper scooper I have ever seen asked my dad how Angus can see with all that hair in his eyes and expressed his disapproval. My dad said "Mind your own business" under his breath and pretended to ignore the grumpy old man. We played on. The grumpy old man passed us again on his way out. Brandishing the largest pooper scooper any of us had ever seen he jeered " I am going to report you to the ASPCA if I see him here like that again." I could tell that my dad was pissed, but he maintained his composure as best he could and said "Angus is a Tibetan Terrier. His hair protects his eyes from the sun and the wind." The words came out like knives, small knives. Sensing a more worthy opponent than he probably anticipated, the old man lied and said, "I was only kidding." "No you weren't and it wasn't funny," my dad glared at him. We put Angus' hair up later when we returned to the hotel.

Not all New Yorkers are A-HOLES. On our way to the dog park, we crossed Central Park and and met Csopie. A seventeen-year-old Puli with her VERY NICE owner. I was told that Csopie means " little one" or something like that in Hungarian. She was the littlest one in her litter. As you can see, she has grown. Although I suspect a lot of that beautiful bulk is hair. Csopie kinda looks like me with dreadlocks. She is quite an enchanting pile. Csopie sat in her stroller like a queen on her throne. She's lost the use of her legs, but she still loves to come to the park. Quite a gal. Very alert and full of life. She got quite excited when I took some photos of her. I have heard that Pulis and Tibetan Terriers are related. I hope so.

Upon arriving in Manhatten, we stopped for a quick pizza at Motorino of 12th Street. Dad just ran in and picked up the pizza and ate it standing on the sidewalk. He loves that pizza. Roxie and Angus and I stayed in the car. The next day we went to Keste, another Nepoplitan pizza place, on Bleeker Street that the guy who owns Spacca Napoli, yet another Neopolitan pizza place, in Chicago recommended. At Keste, we met yet another nice New Yorker. Well, transplanted New Yorker. Alessandro form Rimini, Italy. Alessandro manages Keste. He told us the guy that owns Spacca Napoli in Chicago trained with the chef/owner of Keste. Keste means "This is it!" in Napoli. The arugula salad and the pizza were scrumptious. We will be back. Alessandro's sweet face alone would bring me back. The guy sitting next to us was also Italian (real Italian) and he told us that the pizza at Keste and another place called Gnocco are the best in New York. We will try Gnocco next time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Got All My Sisters With Me

Above: My little boy Sherpa with Judge Zell Von Pohlman

Guess what. Today we went to one of those fairs again with dogs in a ring and today I got to see my little Sherpa in the ring. He looked just grand. Really grand. And he won Winners Dog and earned a point toward his championship. Now he has five points including one major win toward his championship. So at 7-months-old, he is more than a third of the way there towards his championship. Pretty Darn Good!

As we were leaving the fair, we passed by the judge, Zell Von Pohlman, who awarded Sherpa Winners Dog. Mr. Pohlman went out of his way to say "That is a very nice puppy" as we passed. Shepa was so excited that he jumped right into Judge Pohlman's arms. He is one special puppy! Of that I am convinced.

Sherpa seemed a bit sad to see us go after our morning at the fair. But I heard that he went to a great dog park on a river this afternoon and had a marvelous time. He really loves his dad. And his dad loves him. That is obvious. I heard a rumor that Sherpa is coming to stay with us for a day or two this week. I so hope that is true.

After we left the fair in Woodstock, Connecticut. We stopped at a place called The Publick House for breakfast. It was a brunch and, as a rule, my dad hates brunches. But he was really hungry. The brunch at The Publick House didn't change his mind about brunches.

We then stopped at this huge flea market/antique fair in Brimfield, Massachusetts where various vendors were selling all sorts of JUNK. There were cool old Mammy and Uncle Tom cast iron figurines. I hear that Oprah collects these. My dad has a huge paper mache Aunt Jemima head that he picked up at the flea market in Paris. Once, when I was a puppy, he put the Aunt Jemima head on over his own head and did an old soft shoe routine for me. I peed on the kitchen floor.

There were old dolls in one stall at the flea market. I wanted to get one for Roxie. I though they looked a little like Grammy Jill or Marie Osmond or Baby Jane from the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Dad said he would rather just take a picture. I think he thought it might be a bit unseemly for a grown man to buy a doll that vaguely resembles his mother or Marie Osmond or Baby Jane from the movie Whatever Happened to Bay Jane. Have I ever told you he sometimes tells me I am his girlfriend, his mother, his sister, his baby?!? I guess I'm everything to him, but it sorta reminds me of that scene from the movie Chinatown, "She's my sister. She's my daughter. My sister. My daughter. She's my sister AND my daughter."

At this fair, they were even
trying to sell an old
wedding cake topper.

I really thought it was swell.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Precious: Based on the Novel "Sherpa" by Suddie

I came into heat last week so I have been feeling a little down. Mostly frisky, but a little down.

So spending the day with my little Sherpa was just what I needed. Sherpa is 7-months-old now. Can you believe it?

Well we spent a good part the day riding around in his fancy Range Rover. I love riding around. Especially with Sherpa in a fancy Range Rover.

First we went to a kind of fairground where there were lots of dogs walking around in circles (very slowly, in some cases) and people wearing pieces of paper with numbers on their arms. I'm not sure what was happening, but it was a beautiful sunny day and I just tried to absorb as much of the healing energy of the sun as possible.

After the fair, we went to an outdoor cafe for lunch. You probably wouldn't believe all the people that stopped to look at and comment about Sherpa. But they really did. One after the other, they stopped to comment. About how beautiful he is and how good he is. So on and so forth. I was SO PROUD.

After lunch we stopped at a cupcake place next door. They wouldn't let us dogs in, but they asked my dad all about us and he gave them our website address. They asked how much a puppy like Sherpa would cost. My dad replied, "1000 cupcakes." You figure it out. Dad had a double chocolate AND a coconut cupcake. Good thing he is taking niacin to keep his cholesterol and triglycerides nice and low. I want him around for a long time. He told me that he always wants me by his side. I told him I will do my best. I am eating smart and doing lots of vigorous frisbee play.

When it was time to say goodbye and I was getting my bag out of the boot, Sherpa leaned over the back seat and looked at me for what seemed like a very long while and a fleeting moment at the same time. He sure is PRECIOUS. It sure is nice to have someone precious in our lives.


Friday, May 14, 2010

The Museum of the Dog

Rufus sent me note about The Museum of The Dog in St. Louis.

Did Elsa tell you that we visited the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog when we were in St. Louis last weekend?
I think the best part was that they had Milk Bone biscuits at the front desk and that they allow dogs. I think it would be horrible if The Museum of the Dog didn't allow dogs to visit. Don't you? Well anyway they do. So don't worry.
My favorite thing in the museum was the poster from The Shaggy Dog movie. Probably cause I'm a shaggy dog.

I also liked all the antique dog show ribbons that they had on display. They just don't make ribbons like that anymore. I really think they should.

The other thing that really caught my eye were the old. elaborate dog collars. Some of them looked kinda scary and very heavy. They were neat objects, but I think I'll stick with my rolled-leather collar. Some of the collars were used for something called bear baiting. It sounds like bear bating was some inhumane practice. I'm not going to go into it here. It makes me too sad. But, it involved a bear tied to a chain and dogs trained to hunt. So creepy!

The museum also had posters of dogs trained for combat. That made me sad too.
The rest of the museum was mainly paintings and figurines of dogs. No Tibetan Terriers though. That was kinda lame. And, just between you and me, the gift shop was totally ghetto!
We are now back in Iowa and doing well.

Missing you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

He's a Bad Mama Jama

He's a bad mama jama
Just as fine as he can be, hey
He's a bad mama jama
Just as fine as he can be

His body measurements are perfect in every dimension
He's got a figure that's sho' 'nuff gettin' attention
He's poetry in motion, a beautiful sight to see
I get so excited viewin' his anatomy

The lyrics to He's a Bad Mama Jama keep running through my head since I received a note from my little Elsa.

Dear Momma,

Rufus and I took a trip to St. Louis this past weekend to compete in 3-day dog show at Purina Farms. It was a new adventure. We stayed in a hotel and that was really fun. Lots of comfy pillows. And, oh yeah, the hotel had this thing called an elevator. Rufus and I had never seen or been on an elevator before. We got the hang of it right away.

Each day we got up early and dad took us to Purina Farms. We spent the best part of each day there because Rufus won Best of Breed all 3 days and that meant we had to stay around for the non-sporting group competition at the end of each day. Rufus was the only puppy that made it to the group competition. He looked like a dream out in the ring. Each of the judges, Steve Hayden, John Madieros, and Ruth Zimmerman commented on how nice he was. I did pretty well myself, but I don't like to toot my own horn. You taught me better than that.

In between the breed judging and the group competition we mostly slept in the car. Rufus hung out on the grooming table. I tried to get him to play, but he was feeling pretty serious.

I did meet this one gal who was showing her Yorkie. Both she and her Yorkie had red ribbons in their hair. I don't know why dad and I can't showboat like that.

One day, after the dog show, dad took us to the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog. Yup, it's in St. Louis. It was pretty cool. I will write and tell you about it very soon.

Rufus and I send you all our love,

Happy Mother's Day,

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My little girl Pandy sent me a note to let me know that no one claimed that sweet lost TT boy who was found in Santa Ana, California last week. The woman who found him loves him so much she invited him to stay with her forever. That makes me feel better.

Pandy also let me know she is going to be in a dog show at the end of this month and sent the photo above. Looking good Pandy! I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Palm Beach Pups

I was going through my old pics and I found these of our trip to Palm Beach last year. We went to the beach and outdoor cafes and lived the life!

We caused quite a stir on Worth Avenue. One couple, owners of a fancy jewelry shop, wanted to barter for one of my next pups. A Rolex for a TT? I don't think so. People were literally pouring out of the shops and onto the streets to fawn over us. Retail sales fell dramatically that day.

We had lunch with the ladies (and men) who lunch at a quaint outdoor courtyard cafe. I must admit that we nearly toppled our table when we got a bit overexcited when a Dachshund entered the scene. One women in a very pretty hat (and just a bit of plastic surgery) told us that she had five dogs at home.

Roxie also took Best of Opposite Sex at the Palm Beach International Dog Show. Sugar on our strawberries!