Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roscoe's Letter Home

Roscoe sent me a fabulous update:

Dear Mommy...

Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to write. I’ve been real busy getting to know my new family. Plus, there’s been a lot of excitement here about some kind of holiday that involves pretty paper, ribbons and a big bush INSIDE the house. Very exciting! It’s feeling a little calmer today, so my new Dad (his name is Jim) said I could use his computer to write you a note.

First, let me tell you that I DID NOT like the car ride at all! My new crate was just fine...comfortable and all...but the feeling of motion made me nuts! I yelped, howled, whined and barked...anything I could do to get my new family’s attention. Finally, after about an hour, my new friend Molly let me out to sit on her lap and cuddle. It was a lot better, but I still did not like the other cars that were passing by us. I was very happy when it was finally over.

After my car ride (yuck), I was very excited to explore my new house. It’s a little like yours, with wood floors and cozy rugs and lots of nooks and corners to stick my nose into. Molly introduced me right away to her litter-mate, Eliza, and we spent some time getting to know each other. They are both real friendly and like to play with me all the time. They’re both doing something called “Christmas break,” so I think they’re going to be around a lot for the next week or so to keep me company. I also was able to get to know Kelly, my new Mom. Everyone here is super nice (but none of them smell like you).

I did have a couple of oopsies on my first day. I was just so the doors are in different places and the yard is not the same. The next day I only had one accident in the morning because I think my new Dad is still learning how to care for a pup. He’s getting better though, and we’re becoming a pretty good team. He thinks he’s training me, but it’s really me who’s doing the training. Don’t let on about this. Let’s just keep it between you and me.

The first night in my new crate was a little scary. Your Dads gave me a towel from our pen to bring to my new house, and Jim put that into my crate to help make me feel secure. Even with the towel, I got myself worked up with missing you and the rest of the pups. Jim sat with me a real long time to keep me company. That helped a lot and I was able to finally sleep through the night in my crate. The past two nights have been much better. I sleep in Jim and Kelly’s bedroom, but they bring my crate down to the kitchen for the daytime. I like to go inside and take naps when I get tired.

The food and water bowls that I have here are the same shiny metal like at home, but they’re a little different shape. I thought maybe they were not really mine at first, so I didn’t want to eat someone else’s food. Jim and Kelly assured me that the bowls were really for me (plus, I have discovered that I am the only dog that lives here), so I’m eating really well now and I don’t have to share.

My new family have a lot of friends that have come over to see me since I arrived, so I’m beginning to feel a little like a celebrity (I promise to not let it go to my head). Some of them brought me gifts like a really great gingerbread-man chew toy from Eliza’s friend Nick and a neat stuffed lobster that squeaks when I bite down...that came from Jim’s sister in New Jersey. They both have dogs, so they know the good stuff. I’m told that Jim’s sister has a really sweet Black Lab named Bailey that I hope to meet someday soon on a field trip. Jim and Kelly got me some squeaky tennis balls, a chew rope and some Nylabones to make my teeth feel better. I chew on the Nylabones a lot. I like to sit on a special rug by the front door and play with all my new toys.

My paws are getting a little tired, so I think I’m going to sign off now. Please tell Roxie and Angus that I miss them very much and be sure to give your Dads (my grand-dads?) a big lick and a nuzzle for me. I know that they worked really hard to take care of me and the other pups and to find us all really good homes. I’m going to try to keep in touch and make you proud of me. Just know that I can tell my new family loves me very much and I’m feeling very much at home already.

Yours Always,