Friday, April 8, 2011


Not too long ago we had the "opportunity" to visit Cleveland. And before you ask, YES it was for a dog show and NO the river was not on fire.

The best thing about our visit was the Ritz Carlton in downtown Cleveland. It was like an oasis in a big dirty desert. I must admit our after dusk and before dawn walks were a wee bit scary. But once we breezed through the doors of the Ritz it was like we were back in Oz again.

The staff treated us like doggy royalty. The gave us bags and bags of treats and a Ritz Carlton Cleveland water bowl (you wouldn't believe what that went for on ebay. KIDDING. It is on the floor in our kitchen and we love it. The blue matches our Limoges).

They even gave us a dog biscuit cookie cutter with the best recipe attached. We didn't have a stove in our suite (can you imagine!) so we had to wait until we returned home to bake up a batch. And, let me tell you, we love them.

We got a lot attention as dad, Rufus and I entered and sat down in the lobby bar. And even more attention as we were escorted out. sat down in a chair smack in the middle of the reception area (where they do allow dogs) and ordered a Whiskey Sour his way. Well, he sent it back because he likes LOTS of fresh lemon juice. Here's how it returned. We weren't certain whether they were going for another Malcom Baldridge Award or if they were just being bitchy.