Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jazz Hands

I was dying to hear about my little Bitsy and how she is doing with her big brother Buster from my first litter of pups. Her name is now Jazz and she is doing just great:

Buster and Jazz are doing are doing great together. She holds her own with him. We tried so hard to keep her on her puppy food but she and Buster traded bowls and that is that. Buster is not a great eater. His bowl will sit full all day and he will pick at it. Jazz on the other hand will not stop until every last bit is gone. We will have to watch her waist line...We call her Jazz because she has "Jazz hands". Vet says she is fine. I'll send pictures when I can

I am not exactly sure what they mean about her "Jazz hands." I am guessing that they are referring to her great big TT paws and the fact that she is highly physically expressive. Perhaps she has a future in interpretive dance.

And then I heard from Mabel ( the darling itsy bitsy from my first litter) and she wants a sister from Deep Acres Farm's next litter. That will have to be from Roxie or Angus because I AM DONE!

Dear Suddie, We have been following your puppy blog with great interest. The puppies are so cute and they have all found wonderful homes. It must have been hard to let them go. Mabel wanted to inquire about the possibility of getting on a list for your next litter of pups. She seems to want to have a playmate, perhaps a sister? The cat is just not any fun to play with. We know you don't plan another litter for 2 years but we just wanted to let you know of our interest.
Sincerely, John, Sarah and Mabel