Friday, March 26, 2010


I want to introduce my new friend, Maya, from England to everyone. She sends the following greeting:

Barkutation’s everyone, I am Maya Lola Poppy Hardy (Africandawns Lady Urisma). I am 18 months old and live in Watford, England with my mum, dad and two sisters, Ellise and Megan – well I say I live with them but they are all under no illusion who actually owns the house!!!

Mum says I am a text-book Tibby, happy, loving (but only when it suits me), highly intelligent, energetic and surprisingly strong (especially if I see a nice juicy bird when on the lead), cheeky and most of all, incredibly stubborn. :)

I love chasing birds and trains - mum takes me to our local park, where there is a river and a train track - it’s absolutely fantastic, swans and ducks on one side, trains on the other and pigeons and crows on the fields in the middle, what more could a girl want? The only down side is how muddy I get - mum had to put me in the bath today and called me a blouse when I cried, I got my own back though, before she could get the towel to my ears, I shook with all my might and soaked her, ha ha!!!

I also love chewing, it doesn’t matter what, toys, chairs, knickers - they all taste really good to me!

I don’t like having a bath or being brushed but mum seems to love it as she is always torturing me! I hate that brush and attack it whenever I see it but that mum of mine is relentless and she always moans about how many knots I have made in my hair – I don’t know what she expects, I’m hypoallergenic and need to scratch!!!

Right, got to run, I’m off to the park to hang out with my mates, Bonnie the Westie and Odie the Cockerpoo!

See ya!!!

Maya, that park sounds like a dream come true!

Called you a blouse?