Friday, April 13, 2012

Dogs Rescued in Michigan Need Homes

We wanted to share this email we received today:

"Hi everybody, I am sure most of you have heard about the 352 dogs that were confiscated here in Allegan. I think the count is above 370 now. I spent 6 hours at the animal shelter yesterday shaving dogs. It was worse than anything I have ever seen. They were Shitzus, Yorkies, Toy Poodles and all mixes thereof. The woman let any of them breed to whatever. She had the crates stacked on top of each other in a garage with no heat. The crates had no trays in the bottom so every time the dogs went to the bathroom they did so onto the dogs beneath them. The dogs looked like Poulis but the tundrels were matts of urine and feces. We would shave them as much as we could but some areas we could not scissor or shave due to the exstensive matting. They would have to go to the other building that had warm water and soak for quite a while so we could get the crud off of them and then try to shave the rest off. The stench was so bad that I had to go outside every hour or so just to get a breath of fresh air, it made us all sick to our stomachs. The poor little things were shaved bare to expose the skin infections etc so we could treat them but it did not help that we had a freak snow storm and at times it was a complete white out. The cold weather did not help matters.
We were all amazed, including the vets that were there that none of the dogs were yippy or snippy or tried to bite us. They just shivered, both from the cold and from fear of what was going on. I think they were in shock too. They did appreciate all the volunteers that wrapped them in towels and blankets and just held them. None of them that were in the garage ever walked on the ground or saw the light of day. Many pregnant bitches in awful shape. It was just heart breaking.
I am very proud of our community, there were approx. 100 volunteers that showed up, you could fill a small semi with the blankets, paper towels, towels, bleach, dog food, shampoo etc that were brought in. I spoke with the woman that was heading it up. She said that they have enough items but they are very concerned about the mounting vet bills. The vets are giving them a nice discount but it will still be a huge amount when all is said and done. CenMasc is sending a donation.
Anyone that can help out here is the info. The place to send donations is as follows: Wishbone Pet Rescue 2933 33rd St. Allegan Mi. 49010 Phone:269-686-5112
Thanks everyone, I know any and all help will be very appreciated

Please cross post this anywhere you think it would help"