Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grandma's Balls

Do you remember the other day when it was rumored that Roxie and Angus were going to get baths? Well they did. Roxie had her bath that day. I think it was Monday. Angus had his turn on Tuesday. A bath creates a kind of adrenaline rush in all of us. By the time the bath is over we are just aching to get out of that tub. We really don't even want to be toweled off. All we want is to tear around the house shaking the water out as we go. Rubbing up against couches and rolling around like crazy in every bed in the house. I don't know why but it feels amazing. And as soon as we get outside, we are going to try to flip over on our backs and roll around in a big pile of leaves or, better yet, some deer poop or bear poop if we can find some. I don't really see many deer around these parts and I have never seen a bear. But one of our neighbors, Wink, had a mama bear and 3 cubs right in his backyard. Now Wink is a one-eyed Chihuahua and I don't think he sees all that well out of the one eye that he does have, but I do believe that he saw the bears. We sometimes go up to Wink and Martha's (that's his mom) and run around together. They have about 3 fenced-in acres and we love to run on the lawn and through the woods and especially to muck around in the seasonal creek. Last Christmas my dad made Martha a loaf of challah and some of my favorite treats (Dara's recipe). I don't know why but my parents seem to think Martha might have eaten the dog treats by mistake. They seem to chuckle about that a lot.

You may recall that I thought that I had a reprieve from taking a bath due to my busy schedule with the pups and all. You may or may not know that a reprieve is a TEMPORARY relief from harm or discomfort. That's why I used that word. I knew my day was coming soon. I think the last straw was when I got organic chicken juice all over my face during breakfast this morning. You see my parents have been feeding me organic chicken patties from Nature's Variety ever since I got pregnant. They are delicious. One patty is the normal daily meal for a gal my size, but ever since the last few weeks of my pregnancy I have been eating at least two a day along with lots of other highly nutritious stuff. They are delicious, but they are more than a little bit messy. I think my folks just couldn't bear the thought of me nuzzling up to the pups all covered in organic chicken juice. I guess they're right. It was good timing too cause just yesterday Grandma sent us a spray thingy that attaches to the bathtub faucet. Well it's supposed to attach to the bathtub faucet. We have this old-fashioned clawfoot tub and I think the faucet must be old-fashioned too cause after dad got it all attached and turned on the water the force of the water sent the sprayer flying halfway across the room and shot water everywhere. It actually kinda scared me. I may like water but I don't like water shooting at me from all directions. The problem seems to be that the faucet itself is quite small so the sprayer thingy just slips right off. I bet you don't have these sorts of problems Toby.

Grandma also sent some really cute puppy-sized balls for the kids. My parents have been laughing and calling them Grandma's balls. I don't see what's so funny about that. Grandma thank you for the sprayer attachment. I am sure we will figure out a way to use it. It does look a bit like it came right out of the 1950's or 40's or 30's doesn't it? When I first saw it I was afraid I might be in for a high colonic.