Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Ebony a TT?

I have been getting mail from all over the place lately with all sorts of questions about Tibetan Terriers. And I just received my Tibetan Terrier Club of America 2008 Journal and Yearbook in the mail. It provides breed statistics and other interesting stuff. I bet you didn't know there were only 626 Tibetan Terrier pups registered in 2008. That's pretty typical for TTs. Not many of us out there! The journal also features a beautiful picture of my son Angus. He was the youngest TT to become a champion that year. Roxie is also featured as one to the Top 50 Tibetans in the USA. And she wasn't even a year old yet at the end of 2008. You know, a mom has to brag about her kids.

Moving on.

Last week I received an email with the subject "Is Ebony a TT?":

Dear Deep Acres,
My name is Steve. Five or six years ago we purchased a wonderful dog at a shelter in southern Minnesota. She was there with her two brothers who were slightly larger than she. She is very cute and unique in appearence. We heard that she was a mix between a Shitzu and a Golden Retriever! This seemed unlikely, but it seemed to match her personality. I recently saw a picture of a Tibetan Terrier and immediately recognized Ebony. She is the right height and weight. She is black with some highlights of dark brown particularlty on the face. She has a few white hairs mixed in on her back which you don't see unless you look closely. She has a very little patch of white on her chest.
She is very playfull and loves her toys. She is quite affectionate and demands attention. She enjoys chasing and being chased. She has different kinds of barks. One of them sounds like "roo roo roo". She points her nose to the sky when she does this. She also snorts when she gets excited.
I think I may have a Tibetan Terrrier or a mix of some kind. I am attaching photos. Please respond and let me know what you think.

My reply:

She definitely looks and sounds like a TT. Lucky you!

Believe it or not but sometimes I like to keep it short and sweet.