Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cookies in the Mailbox

You know how boys are. They like to pee on everything. Angus has a few trees that he is partial to and the street sign on the corner. And whenever he pees or Roxie pees it makes me want to pee too. I don't know what it is. It's sorta like my MeeMaw (that's what I call my granny). Everytime she gets in the car to go somewhere with us she has to go. Even if she just went. Not really that similar now that I think about it. PeePaw (that's Meemaw's 2nd husband) has taken to bringing along an empty half gallon milk carton just in case. Now my other grandma (we just call her grandma) needs complete silence and a completely empty house to even think about going #2. I hope she doesn't come back as a dog because her goose is going to be completely cooked. I once went right in the middle of Park Avenue while my parents were trying to hurry across. The street light changed and cars were honking, but I didn't give a hoot.

Anyway. On our walk today I thought Angus was going to pee on our mailbox post but he just sniffed it for what seemed like forever. It was like he was trying to smell all the way up the post and into the mailbox. To sniff out what was in there. All I know for sure is that he didn't pee. I just had to stand there and wait for him. I think I actually sat down and gave myself a good cleaning.

Well when we opened the mailbox there was a package in there. I didn't think much of it because my parents are always getting some silly geegaw in the mail. But this package was from New York City and it was addressed to me. It was filled with treats in the shapes of hearts and stars and just one bone. Dara had made her famous treats just for me and wrapped them up in a beautiful plaid fabric bag. There was a funny card too with a drawing of a cat trying to catch a goldfish. I could look at that drawing forever. It makes my tail wag really fast.

Dara wrote:

Congrats on the new babies. Glad you're done, right?
Share the treats with R & A, if you wish.

Dara has two cats. She told me that her building doesn't allow dogs (I think). I bet if it did she'd have her two cats and a few dogs and maybe even a monkey. It would have to be a clean monkey.

The treats are delicious. Thank you Dara.

You may have noticed that I haven't said a darn thing about the puppies today. You see this blog is my escape. An escape from the joys of motherhood. But I must tell you that the pups are doing great and their appetite for the best fresh milk north of the Mason-Dixon line is undiminished.