Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sherpa Meets Doris Duke

I received another update from Sherpa. Isn't he sweet!
Good morning Mom,
It's been a very quiet week, lots of naps and just taking it easy. Last night I met my new Vet Dr. Amy and she gave me a full exam and a shot. She thought I was in great shape and my dads asked lots of questions because they want me to grow up and be strong and healthy.
Today I met one of my 7 sisters "Doris". She is a Rhode Island Red named after Doris Duke who had a house in Newport R I..... you can just imagine the names of the other hens..... I'm sure I'll be meeting them soon.......Every morning I help gather the girls eggs and make sure they have fresh water and feed....It's time for another nap it's been a full morning....

I hope your having a great week and a very Happy New Year to all.....

Huge hugs-Sherpa

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elsa and Rufus

I received a note from my pups in Iowa. Here it is.
Dear Suddie,
Elsa and Rufus are amazing. They have been a wonderful addition to our family and have made this Christmas very special. On Christmas night, they watched movies with us while snuggled in our laps in front of the warm fireplace. It was great. Santa brought new toys for them too, and Mom ordered some stockings with their names on them to hang on the mantle for future Christmas’.
We have had snow and ice storms in Iowa making each walk a trail blazing challenge. They love to chew on the small branches that have fallen off the trees in the wind. Most of all they love to sniff and dig through the snow to find deer poop. Elsa always pees right away, but Rufus takes a little longer to do his business. They have had only a couple accidents in the house which makes Mom happy. The crate is a safe and comfy place to rest, and they have hardly whimpered at all since they arrived. Best of all, they give us lots of kisses when we sit and hold them.
Yesterday they had a visit to their new vet. She is a pretty young lady named Dr Anderson who said they were beautiful puppies. There is only one other Tibetan in the entire rest of the practice. The vet said we could take them in any time for treats so they get used to the place. Rufus stayed really still for his shot, but Elsa flinched so she needed to be stuck a couple times. Her leg was sore this morning so she took an extra nap in the crate, but this afternoon she is back to her rambunctious self.
Elsa and Rufus have been making friends in the neighborhood. Many of our friends have met the puppies. Jacob and Ella’s mommy was very impressed that the puppies did not bark during their visit. Everyone thinks the puppies are sweet, soft and cuddly. Dinky is a 7 year old beagle who lives up the street who came to visit yesterday as well when we were shoveling the driveway. The puppies were happy to see Dinky and established a friendship right away. Their arrival has become the talk of the neighborhood.
Time for us to feed the puppies and take them for a walk. By the way, the pups haven't had an accident in days which is pretty amazing for such small pups. You did a great job with them. Thank you again for being such a good mommy and taking care of these great puppies.
Keep in touch.

Ryan, Grace, and Sophia

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherpa's First Christmas

Sherpa wrote and shared news of his first Christmas:
Dear Mommy-kins,
Wow, it's been very busy and lots of new people the past few days. Christmas Eve I met 16 relatives who came to our house for dinner. It was great meeting everyone and I loved all the attention and compliments but I'm just a little guy and it was exhausting.....After everyone went home, I thought okay that was fun but now we can get into a routine and I can get back to taking my naps and play when I want to....Oh no, up early the next morning into the car and off to the Berkshires to meet the other side of the family....This time there were 22 and again they all hugged me and told my dads they have never seen such a good natured well adjusted pup.... Man, am I glad that's over, it was fun but enough is enough......

Today was easy, we had our friend Bobbie over for breakfast to celebrate her birthday and we took a hike in the woods. I'm now taking it easy, I wanted to give a quick update, I'm off to the soft wool rug in the living room to sleep for a few days:).........


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roscoe's Letter Home

Roscoe sent me a fabulous update:

Dear Mommy...

Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to write. I’ve been real busy getting to know my new family. Plus, there’s been a lot of excitement here about some kind of holiday that involves pretty paper, ribbons and a big bush INSIDE the house. Very exciting! It’s feeling a little calmer today, so my new Dad (his name is Jim) said I could use his computer to write you a note.

First, let me tell you that I DID NOT like the car ride at all! My new crate was just fine...comfortable and all...but the feeling of motion made me nuts! I yelped, howled, whined and barked...anything I could do to get my new family’s attention. Finally, after about an hour, my new friend Molly let me out to sit on her lap and cuddle. It was a lot better, but I still did not like the other cars that were passing by us. I was very happy when it was finally over.

After my car ride (yuck), I was very excited to explore my new house. It’s a little like yours, with wood floors and cozy rugs and lots of nooks and corners to stick my nose into. Molly introduced me right away to her litter-mate, Eliza, and we spent some time getting to know each other. They are both real friendly and like to play with me all the time. They’re both doing something called “Christmas break,” so I think they’re going to be around a lot for the next week or so to keep me company. I also was able to get to know Kelly, my new Mom. Everyone here is super nice (but none of them smell like you).

I did have a couple of oopsies on my first day. I was just so the doors are in different places and the yard is not the same. The next day I only had one accident in the morning because I think my new Dad is still learning how to care for a pup. He’s getting better though, and we’re becoming a pretty good team. He thinks he’s training me, but it’s really me who’s doing the training. Don’t let on about this. Let’s just keep it between you and me.

The first night in my new crate was a little scary. Your Dads gave me a towel from our pen to bring to my new house, and Jim put that into my crate to help make me feel secure. Even with the towel, I got myself worked up with missing you and the rest of the pups. Jim sat with me a real long time to keep me company. That helped a lot and I was able to finally sleep through the night in my crate. The past two nights have been much better. I sleep in Jim and Kelly’s bedroom, but they bring my crate down to the kitchen for the daytime. I like to go inside and take naps when I get tired.

The food and water bowls that I have here are the same shiny metal like at home, but they’re a little different shape. I thought maybe they were not really mine at first, so I didn’t want to eat someone else’s food. Jim and Kelly assured me that the bowls were really for me (plus, I have discovered that I am the only dog that lives here), so I’m eating really well now and I don’t have to share.

My new family have a lot of friends that have come over to see me since I arrived, so I’m beginning to feel a little like a celebrity (I promise to not let it go to my head). Some of them brought me gifts like a really great gingerbread-man chew toy from Eliza’s friend Nick and a neat stuffed lobster that squeaks when I bite down...that came from Jim’s sister in New Jersey. They both have dogs, so they know the good stuff. I’m told that Jim’s sister has a really sweet Black Lab named Bailey that I hope to meet someday soon on a field trip. Jim and Kelly got me some squeaky tennis balls, a chew rope and some Nylabones to make my teeth feel better. I chew on the Nylabones a lot. I like to sit on a special rug by the front door and play with all my new toys.

My paws are getting a little tired, so I think I’m going to sign off now. Please tell Roxie and Angus that I miss them very much and be sure to give your Dads (my grand-dads?) a big lick and a nuzzle for me. I know that they worked really hard to take care of me and the other pups and to find us all really good homes. I’m going to try to keep in touch and make you proud of me. Just know that I can tell my new family loves me very much and I’m feeling very much at home already.

Yours Always,


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride

Well it wasn't exactly a sleigh ride. Roxie and Angus and I were behind the doggy divider in the back of my parents' car. It is cozy back there all tricked out with cushy dog beds and lots of toys, but it was a long haul to Granny's. Twelve Hours. And the weather wasn't at all lovely. It was raining nearly all the way. Not at all like Christmas. But to grandmother's house we were going. We didn't arrive until nearly 9 PM, but Granny and Papa greeted us with Whiskey Sours and French Onion Dip!

When we woke up this morning, it was a winter wonderland all fresh and snowing and hardly a creature was stirring. Granny's dog Sadie, my daughter, put on her blue boots and red coat and we were off on a beautiful morning walk to the other side of the lake and back. By the time we got home, our faces were covered with snowballs. It was a perfect winter morning.

And in my mailbox, when we got back, was the cutest Christmas pic of my little Sherpa. It made me feel a bit verklempt, but mostly warm and fuzzy. I am quite certain that all of my pups are enjoying their first Christmas with their new families.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

News From Iowa

Dear Suddie,

Thank you for raising such beautiful puppies. They are perfect in so many ways. They arrived in Iowa yesterday safe and sound during a big ice storm. They didn't like walking on the ice so much but have settled into a new routine. We like to cuddle with them and give them lots of love. We love having them as part of our family. Grace no longer has to beg for a puppy because she now has the cutest puppies in the world.




and Sophia

Buster Came Home

Buster, one of the boys from my first litter, came home yesterday to pick up his new sister. Little Bitsy, that's what I've been calling her, seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the confusion. Well, there was lots of barking and snarling, and a bit of teeth bearing between Buster, Angus, and Roxie. I must admit I even tried to mix it up with Buster. It wasn't exactly what you'd call a Norman Rockwell Christmas homecoming. After things settled down a bit, Buster had a biscuit, rummaged through the pantry and collected his new sister. Actually, his aunt tucked Bitsy inside her warm down Parka and they went off into the night headed for a Christmas in Boston with relatives and two other Tibetan Terriers before they head back home to Virginia. I made a little video of Buster's homecoming. I call it "Buster Comes Home."

Earlier in the day Roscoe went home with his new family. Yep, that's his new name Roscoe. His new dad wrote me and explained:

"As for a name...we’re thinking Roscoe...after Roscoe Turner, the 1930s racing pilot. I have a great love for anything aviation, especially from the “golden age” of the 20s, 30s and 40s. We considered Lindy...Lucky, Wilber or Orville, Curtiss (after Glenn Curtiss), Piper and more. Amelia was considered early-on if it was a female pup. Roscoe was the one that resonated with the rest of the household."

Also had news that Elsa and Rufus made it safely to Iowa and that they were SO GOOD during their 18-hour drive home. I understand they met the rest of the members of their new family when they arrived last night and that they slept through the night without a single whimper. I'm so proud of them.

I hope to have more news to share soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Two more of my pups left today and are making the long journey to Iowa with one of their new owners. I am hoping for some updates after they arrive. My last two go to their new homes tomorrow. My littlest girl is going to live in Virginia with her big brother Buster from my last litter. Buster is coming to pick up his sis and I can't wait to see him.

We just received this very nice note from Bruin's family.

Just a quick note to thank you guys for the best Christmas present ever! Bruin is just pure delight. He has acclimated so well and we can't get over how good he is in every way...he sleeps, he eats, he does his business and he is so playful and full of life...he has brought us all so much joy! We can't imagine how we ever got along without him in our lives. Don't know what you did to make him such perfection, but hats off to you both (and of course his parents and sisters and brothers as well!) We are thrilled and so happy to have him in our lives!
Our best to you this Christmas...hope your holidays are calm and bright. We'll continue to be in touch.
Thanks again!
Deb, Duke, Halle, Nate and Carly

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sherpa with an S

I think that I forgot to tell you all that the pups love to watch the movie "The Little Princess" and they are also quite taken with "Liza with a Z" if you can believe that. Anytime my dad would take us big dogs on a walk, he would always pop one of these selections in the DVD player to keep the pups entertained. Just so you know.

In any case, here is an update on my little Sherpa (as he is now known).
Day 1
Good morning-
All is going well and we made it through the night with no problems at all. We didn't have the heart to leave him alone in his crate all night, so he slept with us. He slept through the night and didn't cry. Stephen took him out first thing this morning and he did his business. He's gone outside several times. We had one little slip:)
He's absolutely adorable, he's playing with the toy you gave us while I'm on the computer.
I'll keep you posted.

Day 2
Well well our little Sherpa has made it very clear he does not like the crate. He has also made it very clear he has a mind of his own.....We had another great night, he loves sleeping with us and sleeps right through.... I just took him out with his collar and leash. He stood in one spot and would not move even when I gave a light tug. I dropped the leash and let him walk around by himself with the leash attached. I have to keep reminding myself these are all first and he's just a little boy...
I will definitely keep you updated and when I get pictures I'll share them too.

Day 3
Sherpa was outside in the snow and loved it, I didn't have him on his leash, we'll do that later today. He also loves sitting in the sun-room watching the birds at the feeder. He's in his crate right now and seems to be adjusting, I don't hear any whimpering. I'm not sure if sleeping with us is the best thing to do now or should we keep him in his crate at night. What are your thoughts? I woke up last night with him stretched across my neck sound asleep, he's soooooooo cute. I'm amazed he sleeps through the night, we take him out first thing to pee.
Our neighbor came to see him yesterday and couldn't get over over how easy going he is and of course how beautiful, we'll introduce him to Katie her Lab in a few weeks.
Thanks again for the encouraging words.

Day 4 (This Morning)
Good morning-
Sherpa survived the night in his crate and went out first thing to do his business. About 45 minutes after we came back in he went to the door and scratched at the glass, I took him out and he went again. He's such a big boy...:)
I've attached a few pictures, I can't say they really show how adorable he really is but it will give you an idea of his life at Green Acres. Each day we are falling more and more in love with him....His 9 weeks in your beautiful loving home is very apparent in his disposition-thank you....
Today he is going to meet the girls (chickens), I hope to get pictures!!!!

Day 4 (This Evening)
Dear Suddie,
We can not thank you enough for bringing our little Sherpa into the world! He is the perfect little boy pup with enough personality to entertain the human population! Every single encounter and discovery he makes brings us laughter and joy! Whether it is negotiating an unpeeled grapefruit or eying a low hanging Christmas ornament (Yipe!), Sherpa becomes fearless in his quest for knowledge and understanding of objects and movement in his new home.
He is so smart; he has caught on to letting us know when he needs to go outside and when to go around furniture when he can not go underneath it. His bursts of energy and play times are always followed by deep restful naps and sleep patterns. He is mastering his crate as his new mini house/home, gradually making it his safe space. There aren’t enough descriptive words in Webster’s to describe how much we love Sherpa. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for our wonderful little boy!
Lots of peace, love and fun play time to you and your pups,
Michael and Stephen

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bruin is a Bear

Bruin is another name for the brown bear usually used poetically. I looked it up because this is the new name of one of my little boys. I think it's perfect. As a matter of fact, I had taken to calling him Teddy because he has the face of an old fashioned teddy bear.

Here are the updates that I was delighted to receive from Bruin's new family.

Day 1
After much debate, we have decided on Bruin. This was the name of my grandmother's old teddy bear, which I still have...think it is close to 90 years old. He looks just like that old bear!
We had an easy ride home, he only cried for about 15 minutes and then settled right down and slept. Ate a good dinner, played some, slept some and overall is doing great! We'll see how tonight goes and will keep you posted.

The kids are over the moon, were so surprised and have been so calm and gentle with him. He greeted them with lots of kisses and they are thrilled. My youngest said, "This is all I need for Christmas Mom...I don't need any presents!"
Deb and Duke

Day 2
TO: Suddie
SUBJECT: First Night
Went great! He slept in the crate in our room and went through the night beautifully. Didn't make a peep until 7 am! Had a great breakfast and has lots of energy this morning. Is doing well with the potty training.

Day 3 Morning

Lots of snow here! Bruin went crazy this morning when he went out side....jumping, leaping, digging, eating mouthfuls, so cute! Tried to get some pics but he was moving so fast that I couldn't get any good shots. Think he is going to enjoy our trips to VT.
Another great night with him...he woke up around 5 and was a little disoriented in the driving snow, but then went back down nicely until 7. He has a lot of visitors yesterday and handled it really well. Seemed to enjoy all the attention! We are going to hunker down today and lie low....will send some pics later today. Thanks for those cute Christmas pics!
Did you get much snow out there?

Day 3 Evening

Bruin loves the really tired him out though, he spent a lazy day asleep in front of the fire!

He is such a great little guy and we are all head over heels in love with him!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moved to Los Angeles or Somewhere

I love the movie On Golden Pond. I'm sure you've seen it. I haven't seen it in ages, but I am thinking about it because at the end of the movie Norman and Ethel are alone on Golden Pond and Norman says "Ethel, listen. The loons...they've come to say good-bye. Just the two of them now. Their babies all grown up...and moved to Los Angeles or somewhere."

I was thinking about that line because my pups have started to go off to their new homes. Pandora (that's her new name) was the first to leave and she is now living with her dad Toby in San Diego. Not Los Angeles, but pretty close. I was a bit worried about my little girl taking such a long trip and living so far away from me. Even if she is with her dad.

Pandy's dad sent me an email right away to let me know she is doing well:

We had a good flight with Pandy staying in her bag very quiet until we landed and got home. We were happily surprised, as we expected crying etc during the flight. And it was a long flight with a full plane on both legs. They took one of my carry on bags and made me check it through, but that was no problem as it was there in San Diego when we arrived.
During the night we think she missed all the company of the siblings and started to cry and howl a few times, but we survived and now she is more adjusted. I went to pick up Toby this morning and they seem to get along great, but we have to watch Toby, as he wants to play too rough. But Pandy goes for more and pushes Toby to play longer than he wants. Then Toby goes to take a nap under the bed after lunch and wants to protect his territory under the bed as his own. Right now Pandy has found a place in my closet and is having her afternoon nap. I'll send a few pictures in a separate email.
Thanks for raising Pandy to be such a great puppy. We will keep up the work and let you know how all is progressing with her life here.
Have a Happy Holiday Season,
Charlie, David, Toby and Pandy

And then Toby sent me a note:

Hi Suddie,
Well I've been sooo busy since I last sent you a note. First, I think I told you that my Dads went on another trip and left me home with my handler friend. WELL they returned a couple of days ago and the surprise was waiting for me when I got back in my house, A BEAUTIFUL little girl that is our daughter. She is soo full of action, she keeps me on the go. We chase around the house having a great time. But she just wants to keep going without any rest time. Maybe I'm getting older or I'm just not used to all this excitement. Right now we are both resting in our own spaces. Thanks for raising her to be such a great little girl. My Dads have named her Pandy, which I think is very nice. I suppose you are helping your parents introduce all the puppies to all the lucky people who are providing new homes to the other pups. My Dads told me how great your house is and about the snow, which I have never seen. I better go and see how I can help take care of Pandy. Have a great Holiday Season. I will try to keep you updated on the progress of Pandy.

I feel much better after receiving these updates, but I couldn't help but notice that Toby didn't end his message with "Love, Toby." Just Toby. That reminds me of another line from On Golden Pond. "Don't be such an old poop."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dogs and the Holidays

In their latest newsletter, the Tibetan Terrier Club of America provided some tips on keeping your dog safe and happy during the holidays. Although a lot of it is just common sense, I wanted to pass this important advice along to you.

Dogs and Holidays

Because your dog is special to you, you want him to share all the special times in your life, including holidays. But to your dog, everyday spent with you is a holiday (oh yeah, right, i'll take Cabo anyday), and he may not be able to appreciate or understand the strange people (like my parent's relatives), noises (like MeeMaw's farting), things and goings-on associated with holiday celebrations. Here are some ways to keep your dog safe and happy during those festive times.
General Tips
• Stick as closely as possible to your normal
routine. Try not to vary your dog’s feeding,
walking, and playtime schedule.
• Don't give your dog scraps from the picnic
table or holiday buffet. Cookies and pies,
macaroni salads and stuffing, potato chips
and fancy hors d'oeuvres, are inappropriate
foods for dogs and may make them sick.
• If you host a party, remember that some
guests may be uncomfortable around dogs.
Your dog may, in turn, be uncomfortable
or frightened around a large group of unfamiliar
people. You may want to confine him
in a crate or a room that will not be used by
guests. Otherwise, keep him by your side,
or with another family member, to keep
him from getting into trouble or underfoot.

• Turkey bones can pose a choking hazard for
dogs. Do not give turkey bones to your dog.
• Keep an eye on the holiday table and secure
leftovers and garbage to prevent your
dog from foraging among the holiday foods.
• Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are
poisonous to dogs. Make sure they are kept
in places your dog cannot reach.
• Do not put lights on the lower branches of
your tree. They may get very hot and burn
your dog.
• Watch out for electrical cords. Pets often try
to chew them and get badly shocked or
electrocuted. Place them out of reach.
• Avoid glass ornaments, which break easily
and may cut a dog’s feet or mouth.
• Do not use edible ornaments, or cranberry
or popcorn strings. Your dog may knock
the tree over in an attempt to reach them.
• Keep other ornaments off the lower branches;
if your dog chews or eats an ornament, he
can be made sick by the materials or paint.
• Both live and artificial tree needles are sharp
and indigestible. Keep your tree blocked off
(with a playpen or other “fence”) or in a
room that is not accessible to your dog.
• Tinsel can be dangerous for dogs. It may
obstruct circulation and, if swallowed,
block the intestines.
• Keep burning candles on high tables or
mantels, out of the way of your dog’s
wagging tail.
• Review canine holiday gifts for safety.
Small plastic toys or bones may pose
choking hazards.
• Your dog may want to investigate wrapped
packages; keep them out of reach.

Monday, December 14, 2009

America's Next Top Model?

Here are my pups at 9 weeks. This is just a small selection of the hundreds of pics that we took on Saturday. Aren't they precious?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smile For the Camera

So we did it. We went on our first outing with the pups. We set out early because we had an appointment at 10 AM and we had almost a 2 hour journey ahead of us. Dad placed all the pups in a crate. I sat with Angus and Roxie in the far back of the car behind the doggie divider. The pups were really good. A few of them cried for the first five or ten minutes of the trip, but soon enough they settled right down and were great travelers. We were going to visit the studio of a photographer friend of ours. You know what they say. A picture is worth a thousands words. I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel about my pups going off to their new homes. In fact, I'm not really sure I know how I feel about it. But I do know that I want some great photos of this sweet moment in our lives. Also I thought the new owners might want to order a photo or two of their pup or a shot of their pup with all of his or her brothers and sisters from the photographer.

This photo shoot was a lot of work. It was also a lot of fun. The time flew by really quickly, but at the same time the session lasted for what seemed to be a very long time. Does that make any sense? Well that's how it felt to me. By the end of it the pups were pretty sleepy. They fell asleep in their crate even before we left the studio and they slept all the way home.

I'll be sure to share some of the photos when I get them. Since you couldn't be there with us, here is a short video that I think captures the feel of our studio visit.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

I know I have gone on ad nauseum about my Animals Matter bed. It is one of my favorite things. I'm gonna mention it again because all 7 of my pups are curled up in it right now. They LOVE it! It is SO COMFY!

So if you are looking for the best possible present for your favorite pup this should be it. It's official name is the Katie Puff and it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. I have a large so that Roxie and Angus can curl up with me. I think a medium is the perfect size for a TT, but a large is even better. Better than perfect! Kids and even parents have been known to curl up in mine. Check out Animals Matters website for more info.

That's it. That's all I have to say today. Tomorrow the pups and I are going on an adventure. I'll tell you about it soon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lot Like Christmas

It snowed quite a bit last night. We LOVE it!

Toby's dads are arriving tonight to spend the night on their way to visit the relatives in New Hampshire. And I look just like a BIG HOT WET MESS (or, maybe, more correctly, a BIG COLD WET MESS). What with my pregnancy, the shedding associated with my pregnancy, and this WET snow. It's not a pretty combination. That's me in the pic all wet and messy (right after shooting my latest video) in my favorite Animals Matter bed. Don't fret. I am getting back in fighting shape. As you can see in the video, I can whip around the yard pretty well and dad is playing frisbee with me every day. I stills gots it! Somewhere.

Toby's 'rents are going to visit relatives in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and then will stop by again on their way back to the airport before Christmas. I think I told you one of my little girls is going to live with them in San Diego.

Toby sent me a note about the whole shebang. I guess it is a Christmas surprise. Don't worry. He's not tech savvy like me so there is NO CHANCE of him reading this.

Hi Suddie,
It's been a long time since I have communicated with you and I am sorry for that. My Dads had gone away and left me with my friend, my handler, Now they came back and I thought we were all going to be together for a long time, but yesterday I heard them discussing another trip. AND they mentioned "Suddie's Whiskey Sours" So I think you must be involved in this next excursion, which I thought might include me. But, earlier today they left me again with my friend. Hope they come back sooner then the last time they left me. They told me they were going to bring me a surprise. I hope that maybe they are going to see you and I hope they will bring me back one of our pups. That would be a great Christmas present. I have been following the progress of the pups and watching the videos. They sure are a handsome lot and very active investigating their new world. You have done a great job of keeping us all informed of the progress.
Take care, and I send a lot of Love,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Ebony a TT?

I have been getting mail from all over the place lately with all sorts of questions about Tibetan Terriers. And I just received my Tibetan Terrier Club of America 2008 Journal and Yearbook in the mail. It provides breed statistics and other interesting stuff. I bet you didn't know there were only 626 Tibetan Terrier pups registered in 2008. That's pretty typical for TTs. Not many of us out there! The journal also features a beautiful picture of my son Angus. He was the youngest TT to become a champion that year. Roxie is also featured as one to the Top 50 Tibetans in the USA. And she wasn't even a year old yet at the end of 2008. You know, a mom has to brag about her kids.

Moving on.

Last week I received an email with the subject "Is Ebony a TT?":

Dear Deep Acres,
My name is Steve. Five or six years ago we purchased a wonderful dog at a shelter in southern Minnesota. She was there with her two brothers who were slightly larger than she. She is very cute and unique in appearence. We heard that she was a mix between a Shitzu and a Golden Retriever! This seemed unlikely, but it seemed to match her personality. I recently saw a picture of a Tibetan Terrier and immediately recognized Ebony. She is the right height and weight. She is black with some highlights of dark brown particularlty on the face. She has a few white hairs mixed in on her back which you don't see unless you look closely. She has a very little patch of white on her chest.
She is very playfull and loves her toys. She is quite affectionate and demands attention. She enjoys chasing and being chased. She has different kinds of barks. One of them sounds like "roo roo roo". She points her nose to the sky when she does this. She also snorts when she gets excited.
I think I may have a Tibetan Terrrier or a mix of some kind. I am attaching photos. Please respond and let me know what you think.

My reply:

She definitely looks and sounds like a TT. Lucky you!

Believe it or not but sometimes I like to keep it short and sweet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard Candy Christmas

Well it did snow here last night and that got me thinking about Christmas and how my pups will be going off to their new homes to celebrate the holidays with their new families. The thought of this makes me really happy but a little melancholy at the same time. I think it may be a bit of a hard Christmas for me this year.

Hey. Guess What?

I received an email from Carole, the woman that recently adopted a six-year old TT, this morning. Do you think she read my blog post from yesterday?

Hi Suddie,
We're having a small problem with Lexie and wondered if you could help. After two great weeks she's started going to the bathroom in the house, mostly at night, which I've been told is not unusual for adopted dogs. My question is, what's the best way to handle this with TTs? We crated her last night, and she was not a happy girl (and we weren't too happy either!).

And I responded:

Hi Carole.
Did you speak to Joy and ask if this was a problem previously? I would start with that. Did Joy also give you the name of the vet Lexie had been going to? They would probably also know if this has been a problem in the past.

I would start by taking Lexie out every two hours and crate her when you cannot watch her directly. Take her outside immediately when you remove her from her crate. If she crys while in the crate, you will just have to ignore her. I would ask Joy if she did this with her as well. Did Joy crate her when she left her at home alone or was she allowed to roam the house? This information might be useful. Does she cry even if she is crated in the same room as you?

I would also take up her water no later than 7 PM so she is not drinking in the hours before she goes to bed.

She probably just needs to get used to you and her new situation. It is a big change for her after 6 years. Be patient. I know it can be frustrating. It should get better in the next few weeks.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playing With Matches a Girl Can Get Burned

The pups are a little cranky right now. It's raining and slushing out and at first they didn't know what to make of this. Weren't at all sure they wanted to go out in that. But I led the way and they all followed like little ducklings. Soon enough they were really enjoying themselves. But it is kinda cold out so soon enough one after the other, some lagging behind, they all crept back to the warmth of their pen inside. Dad toweled them all off and I think they enjoyed that at least after they figured out he wasn't trying to wrestle with them. Having gotten used to spending more time outside they were full of an amount of energy that the pen found hard to contain. They are all just now settling down. I just hear an occasional chirp. I am trying to keep myself from running over to them every time they let out a whimper. They're going to go out into the big world without me soon.

The weather forecast is calling for snow and I hope that it does. I know the pups would love that and so would I.

I haven't opened up my mail bag and shared any correspondence with you lately have I?

Excuse me for a minute... it sounds as if a cattle stampede is coming right through our living room. And just when I thought things were quieting down...

...I'm back now. Believe it or not it was just the pups. It's amazing what a ruckus they can make when they put their little minds to it. Well, so much for tough love, I ran over and they covered me with puppy kisses and all seems right in their little puppy worlds. For now.

Well, were was I? Oh yes, I received the following note a few weeks ago:

Dear Suddie:
I have a beautiful 6 year old brindel tibetan female named Lexie for adoption. I have lost the breeders contact info. If interested, please call or email me. Thank you.

Well I had never met and knew nothing about this Joy person, but my interest was quite naturally piqued and I, at least, wanted to see what this TT named Lexie looks like. I received the following response after I wrote back requesting more info:

Dear Suddie:
I am not selling her. I am just looking for a good home. I am looking for a good home as my husband’s allergies got the best of him and the additional meds on top of his other meds are causing a problem. I have attached a current photo of her. She is bright, obedient, lovable and true to the breed. She only barks for protection and rides in the car like a mouse.

Well, I thought that Lexie sounded very nice and the situation unhappy, but I had never heard of anyone being allergic to a Tibetan Terrier.

In any case, I sent the note on to a few people that I knew were looking for an older Tibetan Terrier with the caveat that I knew nothing more than they did about Joy or Lexie. Well, three people got back to me and said that they were going to contact Joy. Then two of them contacted me to let me know that they hadn't heard back from Joy and did I know what was happening. No I did not! I have nine kids of my own to take care of! So, ugh, I emailed Joy and asked what was up. It turns out that in at least one case Joy's reply was sitting in the person's spam folder. And then I didn't hear anything. Not for quite a while. But then the following note was delivered to my mailbox:

Thanks for matching us up with Joy and Lexie. We picked her up yesterday and she is delightful. She has a great personality and is a beautiful dog. We are thrilled, she's just what we wanted.
You're a great matchmaker!
Thanks again,

I never heard a thing from Joy. Not even a simple thank you. Sick husbands can be a lot of work.

And when I replied to Carole and asked her for her address, I never heard back from her. I guess she didn't want the special little Christmas something I picked up just for Lexie.

I hope it all works out because you know playing with matches a girl can get burned.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gotta Go

The pups are doing so well! I took them to their vet on Tuesday for their first immunizations and check-up. Our vet thinks that they are a beautiful litter and very healthy. Some of my pups cried when they got their shot. But some of them didn't. The vet warned that the shot might make the pups a little sleepier than normal, but, oh no, not my pups. They were just as energetic as ever. They will get their next shots in four weeks after they are with their new owners.

Of course, I am still working on getting the pups used to doing their business outside. They are doing really well for such little things. I take them out immediately after they wake up from a nap and immediately after they eat. And I mean IMMEDIATELY! At this age, they don't like to wait. Not at all. The pups pen is right next to the door to the backyard. It's opens onto a wood deck and then a few steps down to the yard. The first day dad had to carry the pups out to the yard as the steps were too much for them. The next day he added stepping stones under each step and the pups now rip up and down the steps like little mountain goats. Now don't get me wrong, they can be a little wobbly at times. But you should see them zipping around the yard discovering everything for the very first time. They are pretty good at coming back inside especially if I lead the way.

I just came across a great tip on housetraining on a blog from dog expert Kathy Diamond Davis.

“I don’t train my dogs to ask when they need to go outside. I take them outside on a schedule. Their bodies easily adjust to wait until the next scheduled [potty break]. I get many questions from people who don’t consider their dogs housetrained until the dog will get their attention and persuade them to stop what they are doing and take the dog out every time the dog needs to go. In many cases, this is expecting too much from the dog.” Kathy’s distinction between training a dog not to soil the house and training a dog to let you know when he/she needs to go out is important.

Without knowing it, I'm doing the same thing. Maybe I should be a dog trainer? We go outside first thing in the morning, after every meal, whenever they start to stir from a nap, and last thing at night before bed. This way, the pups have predictable breaks, and they “hold it” (as best they can) until the next break. I also let them out if they’re sniffing around or are hanging around the pen's gate.

If you have been away from the house (no matter for how long), you should immediately take your puppy outside. Even though I am pretty responsible myself, I agree with Kathy’s suggestion that pet owners need take responsibility for getting their dogs outside for a potty break, rather than giving that responsibility to us dogs.

You can check out Kathy’s blog at