Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blue-Blooded Boys

Above: Sherpa, Deep Acres Autumn Splendor, took Best of Winners twice and Winner's Dog over the weekend at a three-day show in Springfield, MA.

It was a very good weekend.
It was a very good weekend for blue-blooded boys.
Of independent means.
Who ride to dog shows in limousines.

That's right! My boys they get chauffeured around to dog shows. I bet you do to. If you're into that mess. Well, I mean, if your parents got you into that mess. If I could drive myself, I'd let them get me all pretty and I'd act like I was all excited about the whole mess and then I'd get in the car, let my hair down, open all the windows and the sky roof too and just drive. I'd drive to a place where there are lots of squirrels to chase and no people to tell me not to. I'd drive to a deserted beach and chase seagulls and get filthy with sand and seaweed. I'd wallow in mud and deer piss. Or, perhaps, I'd just go find someone to give me a sexy massage. Oh the possibilities. If only I could drive.

I think maybe they don't let me drive cause they think I couldn't possibly keep the windows up and my head in the car. But maybe it's cause my legs are too short to hit the gas. But, you know, I could rig something up with a stick and a pulley or something and I'd get along just fine. I mean have you seen my dad drive? Now he needs a chauffeur. If they would let me drive, I'd drive a great big pink cadillac. I'd cop a lean and I'd have gangsta whitewalls.

Though YOU may not drive a great big cadillac.
Gangsta whitewalls.
TV antennas in the back.
Though YOU may not have a car at all.
But remember brother and sisters you can still stand tall.

Diamond in the back, sunroof top.
Gangsta whitewalls.
Diggin' the scene.
With a gangsta lean.

Above: Rufus, Deep Acres Fields of Gold, waiting patiently in the back of the limo after the Sunday show.

Since we're talkin GANGSTA. I have to tell you my fine young boys Sherpa and Rufus did awfully well on the show circuit this weekend. Sherpa, Deep Acres Autumn Splendor, took Best of Winners twice and, on the other day, Winner's Dog at a three-day show weekend in Springfield, MA. I didn't get to go, but I hear he was looking mighty fine! Congrats Sherpa. And my little Rufus? Rufus, Deep Acres Fields of Gold, was in a small show in Springfield, IL on Saturday and Sunday and he took Best of Winners on both days. Good job sons!

All this car talk has me a hankering for this fine dog I spied while driving around Little Traverse Bay this summer. I caught a wiff of him as we were driving along and I couldn't help but snap a few shots while we were stopped at the traffic light. Now that's what I call MIGHTY FINE! I was looking at him. He was looking at me. I'd get in the back of a limousine with him anyday. I just know he could cop one mean gangsta lean.