Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grooming Your Tibetan Terrier: An Update

Above: Angus at play

Now, you may remember, we made a an instructional video showing Angus being groomed and posted it on youtube. Now the video has had more than 2000 views. Not exactly Paris Hilton, but not bad.

The video has also elicited some interesting comments. And, again, NO Angus is not sedated. He is just a very good boy, and, I guess, the planets were all lined up just right that day. Start grooming your TTs very early, when they are pups, before they even need to be groomed, and you will have good luck with grooming. That's my experience anyway. Of course, every dog is different.

Viewer's Comments:

Thats all very well on how to groom, but, how do you stop the fighting when they dont want to be brushed?. We have to put ours on the ironing board to keep her still, and it takes two of us because she struggles all the time. !