Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

Yesterday was my pups' 6-month birthday. Happy Birthday Babies!

When a pup turns 6-months old they can begin to compete in the show ring. My boy Sherpa (Deep Acres Autumn Splendor) has decided he wants to strut his stuff on the show ring carpet. So on the day of his 6-month birthday he competed for the very first time.

We met him at the show site and we brought our grooming table and all our grooming paraphernalia - bushes, combs, and just a little puppy mousse. Luckily, Sherpa is naturally beautiful. And, thank goodness, a really nice professional handler and expert groomer came over and used something he called a rat tail comb (available at Sally's Beauty Supply he told us) to give Sherpa a beautiful part down the middle of his back. He also spritzed, sprayed and patted on some super secret ointments and elixirs. Sherpa looked stunning and I think he felt like a million bucks. Thank you Mr. Professional Handler and Expert Groomer! Or is it Dr. Professional Handler and Expert Groomer? I bet it is.

When Sherpa entered the show ring it was like everything stopped. A hush fell over the room. Babies stopped crying. Mothers wept as he pranced around the ring with the perfect combination of vibrato and grace. Up on the table for the judge's review, he squirmed and winced just a bit before allowing a flash of teeth for the judge's review. Up and down and around the room he again danced up to the judge to be awarded Reserve Dog. The 2nd best (and the youngest by far) non-champion dog in the ring. Not too shabby for my newly-christened six-month-old boy. After his performance, the girls were swarming around. It was like he was Justin Beiber or a newly discovered Jonas brother or something. One cute little TT girl even tried to jump him. Get used to it Sherpa.

Happy Birthday Baby! I LOVE you.