Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harry From Blackpool

Harry is one of my newest friends. We hooked up on Facebook cause I like the description on his profile:

"I am the most adorable TT, full of mischief and fun, a really sociable wee guy, I'm enjoying giving my family the run around and destroying any cushion that I get my paws on. Everybody loves me to bits and so they should!!"

Harry just sent me a nice note.

Hi Suddie,
I was born in Blackpool. My grandad was Araki Fabulous Willy -the Crufts winner. I'm not being shown, Mom & Dad just want to love me and have me as part of the family.

So I came home when I was 8 weeks up here to Strathaven,Lanarkshire. I live with Mom & Dad, (Andrea & Andy Stone) & Tom the cat. He's about 18 years old, been there and seen it all before with puppies around the house - I have a lot to live up to because Milly was here before me and she went to the Rainbow bridge last May when she was 14. I love my family. Robert, my human brother, comes to visit me every day because he works with Dad, and I go on my holidays to stay with him and Christine - they've got 2 cats, Chico & Buzz.

Tara is my bestest friend in the world I love her soooo much. She's twelve. She's Mandy's, my human sister's, dog. Mandy and her hubby Sandy's dog. There's going to be twins in her house in October. That will be something new for us all !!:-) Tara always comes to stay with us for her holidays.

I love doing all the usual doggy things walks, playing in the park, but I'm having to do school every morning - to learn some manners, I don't really listen to anyone when I'm off the lead - in fact I was confined to lead only for the whole month of March!! So I have to learn to be good. You see I'm very willful - it seems to be a trait of the breed.
My Kong and raggies are my favourite toys - and, by the way, gardening is one of my hobbies - I just love digging!! & digging. Yeh and fencing I'm pretty good at that too - you know what I mean like digging my way out under the fencing ( It's Tom's fault he just nips through and I have to try to follow him) boy do I get in to bother!!!
There's lots of stories my Mom can tell you, but she'll be here for ever!!
I love people and other dogs - even if I'm a bit too boisterous sometimes - I'm only a puppy still so Mom say's I'll learn and calm down day maybe
Bye for now - lots of hugs & licks Harry

I think Harry is pretty swell. Don't you.