Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you believe in Magic?

Well, I don't pay much attention to Horoscopes. I didn't even know my zodiac sign until a few minutes ago. I'm a Gemini by the way. I also have a positive polarity! Can anyone tell me what that means?

You see, I was flipping through the Round Town News when I landed on the Horoscopes page written by Kenny Corris.

Gemini: The power of positive thinking sets you in the right direction right now. This surely is a testing time and you know that you have to be sure before you take things further afield. The attitude of those who really have your interests at heart will be something rather wonderful, and you can begin to dump negative energies you have developed for the sake of both, vital and adequate protection.

No idea, really, what Kenny was trying to tell me, but I kept reading. My tail stood straight up. Turns out Kenny has been in contact with a Tibetan Terrier on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. An angel?

"One client wanted to make contact with Charlie one day. After opening doors and channelling energy to facilitate this I was initially upset that clear communication was not getting the audible response that was called for. I suddenly realised that Charlie was a dog. A Tibetan Terrier to be precise, and my client knew that there was actual contact with her departed pet when I recognised the breed! Then a little bell could be heard. Charlie had a bell on his collar to warn away the squirrels that he loved to chase in the garden. Sound and picture, loud and clear from the Spirit Realms! One very happy lady left my office that day."

It turns out Kenny Corris is a working Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Astrologer, a Healer, Psychic surgeon, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach with over forty years of experience.

He studied Astrology with the late and great Carole Golder, Astrologer to the U.K. Daily Express for many years, and he has been casting horoscopes himself for some thirty years.

Kenny currently writes articles for a growing number of publications, including the Round Town News on the Costa Blanca in Spain, and casts Horoscopes internationally for the World’s press, on a regular basis.

No stranger to broadcasting; Kenny’s first break was with Molly Parkin on her “Good Golly Miss Molly” show on BBC Wales. He has made appearances on Thames TV, with Robert Kilroy Silk. And has guested on TVam, Anglia, and STC, as well as W.I.O.D. Miami where he presented daily horoscope readings and forecasts. Currently Kenny is a weekly guest on Coast Radio FM’s Friday afternoon show, on the Costa Blanca.

Dividing his time between private sittings and castings and a host of personal appearances, Kenny always enjoys demonstrating his abilities publicly, speaking to groups and organizations, promoting spirituality wherever and whenever in a down to earth and practical manner.

Kenny runs a number of workshops and courses throughout the year on spiritualist matters.

This winter Kenny visits New York to demonstrate on tour. He has also been invited to Madrid, Barcelona, Bergen, London, St Ives, and Southern California to run workshops and courses.