Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jazz Guitarist Jeff Golub Loves his Tibetan Terrier

Little Charlie Parker is Jeff Golub's adorable Tibetan Terrier

Jeff Golub

"I have so many friends that are great singers," Golub said Wednesday morning from his house in the Hamptons, while dealing with his 3-month-old Tibetan Terrier.

"I’ve been focusing on instrumental music," Golub said. "I’m such a crappy singer and a pretty good guitar player."

Golub has passed on his musical ability to his sons, Chris, 10, who plays guitar and Matthew, 8, who plays piano.

"We had a family jam just the other day," Golub said.

The family still has an apartment in Manhattan, but when he saw his oldest son playing soccer in the hallway, he decided maybe they should move to their summer home.

Golub borrowed some of his friends for four vocal tracks on his eighth solo album, "Blues for You," released in August.

"I think jazz is blues done gone to college," Golub said.