Friday, April 2, 2010

I Feel Pretty

After all those comparisons to that dead dog Inky I was feeling quite down. Dad knew just the thing to lift my spirits. A new hairdo.

So, after he brushed me out this morning, he gave me two interlocking ponytails on each side of my head. Dad thought it made me look very Gretel as in Hansel and Gretel. I'm thinking more along the line of Krystle Carrington from Dynasty. What do you think? Angus is the one that looks like Gretel. Even if he is a boy. What with all that blond hair. And dad is always putting his hair up. He really has to. Angus has so much hair that it's hard for him to see where he's going if he doesn't have his hair up. I mean his hair is so thick over his eyes that he has been known to walk into telephone poles.

Angus gets his hair pulled up in all sorts of ways. Sometimes in two Pippi Longstocking ponytails. He kinda looks like a baby Briard when sporting this look, Sometimes in one big ponytail on the top of his head like a Samurai. Sometimes in interlocking ponytails like the ones I have today. He has so much hair, he usually gets three interlocking ponytails on each side not just two. I don't know if there is a name for interlocking ponytails. I have this high falutin' idea that it looks like a modified French Twist. But I really have no idea whatsoever. You know what? I just looked it up and my hair is nothing like a modified French Twist. All I know is I feel pretty. Oh so pretty