Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Two more of my pups left today and are making the long journey to Iowa with one of their new owners. I am hoping for some updates after they arrive. My last two go to their new homes tomorrow. My littlest girl is going to live in Virginia with her big brother Buster from my last litter. Buster is coming to pick up his sis and I can't wait to see him.

We just received this very nice note from Bruin's family.

Just a quick note to thank you guys for the best Christmas present ever! Bruin is just pure delight. He has acclimated so well and we can't get over how good he is in every way...he sleeps, he eats, he does his business and he is so playful and full of life...he has brought us all so much joy! We can't imagine how we ever got along without him in our lives. Don't know what you did to make him such perfection, but hats off to you both (and of course his parents and sisters and brothers as well!) We are thrilled and so happy to have him in our lives!
Our best to you this Christmas...hope your holidays are calm and bright. We'll continue to be in touch.
Thanks again!
Deb, Duke, Halle, Nate and Carly