Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keira Knightley's Bra and Panties

Above: Keira Knightley without her bra and panties

You know when I stay in LA, I have to stay at a cottage at the Chateau Marmont. Sure sometimes we stay at the Bel Air or the Beverly Hills Hotel when we want to hang old school or even the new Montage right smack in the middle of Beverly Hills. But the Chateau is the place for me. The last time we checked in, our cottage wasn't quite ready yet so we were given another cottage that dad didn't like for some reason so they moved us to a cottage with a lovely, tiny balcony overlooking the outdoor ping pong table. On a table in the living room of this cottage with the tiny, lovely balcony, dad noticed a fruit plate and a bottle of wine and a ziplock plastic bag filled with a bra and panties and such. This was all topped by an envelope addressed to Ms. Knightley. Well, dad was tired from the long trip and, obviously, wasn't thinking when he handed the bag and envelope to the bellman who was helping us get our dog beds and bowls in order. As he handed them off, dad said, "I think this room was setup for someone else." Dad? What were you thinking? Do you know how much we could have gotten on ebay for Keira Knightey's under things? At the very least I could have sniffed them and dragged them into my lair. Or you could have put them on me and taken pics and THEN put them back in that little ziplock bag and delivered them to the front desk. I think I might like wearing Keira Knightley's panties. Who wouldn't? Or, if you were thinking, you could have called the front desk in a RAGE due to finding a woman's bra and panties in our cottage. OUTRAGE!!!! Surely that would have been good for a stay on the house or at least a complimentary drink in the lobby.