Monday, November 2, 2009


Did you see the sweet note from Toby? Still not mushy enough for me, but a note all the same. It's not that being a mommy 24/7 is making me question my allure, but right about now I could benefit from a few sweet nothings.

He did send some pics. But that just made me miss him even more. I mean, isn't he adorable. I love the one where his cute little face is resting on his paws. But hasn't he heard of quid pro quo? I post bathtub pics, but not one pic of him in the shower? Oh no! Maybe he's getting shy on me? Maybe he's pissed that I'm posting bathtub pics on my blog? Maybe he's too busy lounging by the pool to give a rip?

Well, at least, I got to see him getting toweled off.

But seriously Toby, you would be so proud of our kids. They are getting quite active and moving around, albeit a little tentatively. And their little personalities are starting to show. They are adorable, sweet and sassy. Sometimes I see myself and sometimes they remind me of you. I know that you miss sharing all this with me, but I am fine... and oh so busy.

Toby wrote:

Hi Suddie,
Great getting the news from you this way. I liked getting the pictures of you, Angus and Roxie in the tub. Strange as it may seem, today was my day in the shower. They seem to like to give me a shower, rather than a bath, don't know why. But I don't like either that much. But, I do enjoy the activity after they get me all clean. First I have a good time rolling on the nice warm towels and play tug of war with the towels between me and my Dad. I never seem to win. I would love to run all over the house shaking the water on everything, but they keep me confined to the deck or other small area until I am almost dry. Then comes the blow dryer treatment. On cool days it feels so good, but in Palm Springs it gets so hot I don't like the hot air blowing on me.Today, after the bath/shower and drying I got loose and found a lawn sprinkler going, and I love to drink from the sprinklers. They seem like a special drinking fountain for dogs. Well my Dads didn't much like that because I got all wet in my face. I have some pictures of the before, after and, during the bathing procedure, but I don't think I can send them with this comment. Maybe I will have my Dad sent them by email. You sure are cute when you are all wet in the tub. Do you have any new pics of the pups? They must have their eyes open now and getting more active. The third week birthday is coming up soon. Sometimes I get very sad thinking of you there with all the pups and my not being able to be by your side to help. You take care and hopefully I may be able to see you next year at the Nationals.