Thursday, May 6, 2010

Palm Beach Pups

I was going through my old pics and I found these of our trip to Palm Beach last year. We went to the beach and outdoor cafes and lived the life!

We caused quite a stir on Worth Avenue. One couple, owners of a fancy jewelry shop, wanted to barter for one of my next pups. A Rolex for a TT? I don't think so. People were literally pouring out of the shops and onto the streets to fawn over us. Retail sales fell dramatically that day.

We had lunch with the ladies (and men) who lunch at a quaint outdoor courtyard cafe. I must admit that we nearly toppled our table when we got a bit overexcited when a Dachshund entered the scene. One women in a very pretty hat (and just a bit of plastic surgery) told us that she had five dogs at home.

Roxie also took Best of Opposite Sex at the Palm Beach International Dog Show. Sugar on our strawberries!