Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Little UK Calendar Girl

Above: Ella Ridsdill Smith, decidedly not a model, looks fabulous in the United Kingdom's Tibetan Terrier Association's 2011 Calendar.

Well, I finally heard from my girlfriend Ella. She has been on holidays with her little sister Maisie. They look FABULOUS. Don't you think?

Dear Suddie,

Do you remember when we first met online and I was really wee and looked like this?

You encouraged me to start a modeling career and enter some competition you had read about in a magazine. Well you probably remember the reaction, talk about strict parenting, I was not allowed to be a celebrity, super model or IT girl. I can’t even go to dog shows ‘cos we live too far away. Well I have made it onto the UK Tibetan Terrier Association 2011 calendar, so that showed them. I didn’t even have to have to apply or go on a special photo shoot ‘cos my FB profile pic did it for me.

Do you think mum needs some instructions on braiding my hair? She is trying plaits now.

And poor Maisie looks like this.

I do feel for her, but I had to go through it too. I know mum loves us but hairdressing is not her forte and a girl has standards even if we do live in the back of beyond. Perhaps your dad could do another video.

Lots of luv’n’liks to you and Roxie and special big liks for Angus XXXXXX

Ella Ridsdill Smith

PS. If you're interested in ordering a calendar, just click the following link (they accept paypal) so you can order via email if you like. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO