Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now and Then

Well. Everything is going well here. The only bit of excitement is that we took the pups to the doc yesterday to have their dew claws removed. They were real troopers. Hardly even cried. Doc and his staff all thought my babes were swell looking and quite robust. Other than that it's a regular routine of feeding time immediately followed by nap time.

I know that I mentioned that the coat color of Tibetan Terriers often changes from their birth color. This seems to be true of most of the coat colors other than pure black or ebony. Although these colors can become a beautiful silver as the dog ages. I, myself, am getting silver along my top line and darn if I don't like it. It soon won't matter in any case because I am starting to blow my coat. This happens after us TTs give birth. Don't worry, I'm not going to be completely hairless like one of those funky Mexican dogs. I will just lose a lot of my undercoat and look a bit shaggy for awhile. On the bright side, I think it makes me look a bit more svelte after being so prego for what seems like ages.

Anywho. I thought I would show you pics of some of my kids from my first litter so that you can see how their coat color changed as they matured.

This first pic is of Sadie who was sable color at birth. This photo was taken to mark her 3 week birthday and, as you can see, her coat had already lightened a bit. She came out of the chute the same color as Rufus (see his baby pic below). When Sadie came to visit me at Thanksgiving her coat had matured to a stunning blond and no colorist was involved! She was about 10 1/2 months old at the time of this pic.

Here is Rufus in his beautiful rich sable birthday suit, just a few days old. Below you can see how his coat changed in about 6 months time.

Buster was a beautiful mixture of dark gold, black, and white at birth. You can see, in this photo his new mommy sent me just before his first birthday, that he is now an equally beautiful tawny color with gorgeous darker highlights.

I am a proud mom, and I know I may be biased, but don't you think TTs are the most adorable pups and they just keep on getting more and more gorgeous as they mature (let's hope so cause I ain't getting any younger).