Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moved to Los Angeles or Somewhere

I love the movie On Golden Pond. I'm sure you've seen it. I haven't seen it in ages, but I am thinking about it because at the end of the movie Norman and Ethel are alone on Golden Pond and Norman says "Ethel, listen. The loons...they've come to say good-bye. Just the two of them now. Their babies all grown up...and moved to Los Angeles or somewhere."

I was thinking about that line because my pups have started to go off to their new homes. Pandora (that's her new name) was the first to leave and she is now living with her dad Toby in San Diego. Not Los Angeles, but pretty close. I was a bit worried about my little girl taking such a long trip and living so far away from me. Even if she is with her dad.

Pandy's dad sent me an email right away to let me know she is doing well:

We had a good flight with Pandy staying in her bag very quiet until we landed and got home. We were happily surprised, as we expected crying etc during the flight. And it was a long flight with a full plane on both legs. They took one of my carry on bags and made me check it through, but that was no problem as it was there in San Diego when we arrived.
During the night we think she missed all the company of the siblings and started to cry and howl a few times, but we survived and now she is more adjusted. I went to pick up Toby this morning and they seem to get along great, but we have to watch Toby, as he wants to play too rough. But Pandy goes for more and pushes Toby to play longer than he wants. Then Toby goes to take a nap under the bed after lunch and wants to protect his territory under the bed as his own. Right now Pandy has found a place in my closet and is having her afternoon nap. I'll send a few pictures in a separate email.
Thanks for raising Pandy to be such a great puppy. We will keep up the work and let you know how all is progressing with her life here.
Have a Happy Holiday Season,
Charlie, David, Toby and Pandy

And then Toby sent me a note:

Hi Suddie,
Well I've been sooo busy since I last sent you a note. First, I think I told you that my Dads went on another trip and left me home with my handler friend. WELL they returned a couple of days ago and the surprise was waiting for me when I got back in my house, A BEAUTIFUL little girl that is our daughter. She is soo full of action, she keeps me on the go. We chase around the house having a great time. But she just wants to keep going without any rest time. Maybe I'm getting older or I'm just not used to all this excitement. Right now we are both resting in our own spaces. Thanks for raising her to be such a great little girl. My Dads have named her Pandy, which I think is very nice. I suppose you are helping your parents introduce all the puppies to all the lucky people who are providing new homes to the other pups. My Dads told me how great your house is and about the snow, which I have never seen. I better go and see how I can help take care of Pandy. Have a great Holiday Season. I will try to keep you updated on the progress of Pandy.

I feel much better after receiving these updates, but I couldn't help but notice that Toby didn't end his message with "Love, Toby." Just Toby. That reminds me of another line from On Golden Pond. "Don't be such an old poop."