Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends and Family

Gee whiz. The pups sure are growing and getting stronger each day. Today is their one week birthday and some have almost doubled in size. Right now, they are all lined up in a row sleeping, one next to the other some cuddling their heads on the other. They are so darn cute! Learning how to crawl around almost too well and they tackle me whenever they can for a little nourishment. I spend most of my day with them and must say that I am quite tender and sweet with them, licking their little faces and cleaning their hineys.

At first, I didn't want to go on even the shortest walks away from them. I would just quickly do my business and run back to them. Today I took two moderate walks in the rain and I kinda enjoyed it although I put on the brakes a couple of times when I felt we were getting too far away.

Now that I'm relatively housebound, it's always nice to hear from friends and family (are you reading this Toby?) I got the nicest note from Sage and Lucas' mom, Sophie. Sage and Lucas are the most handsome PBGVs you have ever seen. PBGV is short for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Quite Fancy sounding, but present company excluded they are the swellest dogs you will ever see. Sage and Lucas used to live in Newport, RI with Sophie and her husband, Mike. They are great folks and Sophie helped us out and showed Roxie at a dog show once. Anyway, Sage and Lucas and Sophie and Mike recently moved back to Stockholm, where Sophie is from originally (Mike is from England). I think either Sage or Lucas had to stay behind for a few months for some reason, but they are all reunited in Sweden now. I so enjoyed Sophie's update on Sage and Lucas, I nearly pooped.

Sophie wrote:

The dogs are loving it. We were a bit worried that Sage and Lucas might fight after having been apart for 4 months and being intact males both of them. After a couple of days with Sage prancing around on stiff legs and with the tail in the air everything was back to normal and now they play as if they never had been apart!
We have a big pen outside so they can run around a bit, we go for long walks in the forest. “Walks” so to speak….they all get so excited with all the smells and the wildlife they basically bounce around on their hind legs howling…very embarrassing actually.
Back in the days when we had REAL dogs( read Rottweilers). I used to see dog owners completely incapable of controlling their animals…running here and there…arms ripped out of their sockets, sweat pouring down their faces as they desperately tried to keep up with their dogs……and I used to huff and look at them arrogantly as I walked this very calm, obedient and well-mannered 160 pound REAL guy while they were totally top-ridden by some 30 pound little poop at the end of the leash…
Hrrrm…well….live and learn. Let’s just say that the evening walk is no longer a relaxing affair but rather on the level of a strenuous , high-intensity, SEAL- workout….which no doubt is the highlight of our neighbors day.
Just to sit and watch us racing by must be worth a lot more than the Cable fee.