Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playing With Matches a Girl Can Get Burned

The pups are a little cranky right now. It's raining and slushing out and at first they didn't know what to make of this. Weren't at all sure they wanted to go out in that. But I led the way and they all followed like little ducklings. Soon enough they were really enjoying themselves. But it is kinda cold out so soon enough one after the other, some lagging behind, they all crept back to the warmth of their pen inside. Dad toweled them all off and I think they enjoyed that at least after they figured out he wasn't trying to wrestle with them. Having gotten used to spending more time outside they were full of an amount of energy that the pen found hard to contain. They are all just now settling down. I just hear an occasional chirp. I am trying to keep myself from running over to them every time they let out a whimper. They're going to go out into the big world without me soon.

The weather forecast is calling for snow and I hope that it does. I know the pups would love that and so would I.

I haven't opened up my mail bag and shared any correspondence with you lately have I?

Excuse me for a minute... it sounds as if a cattle stampede is coming right through our living room. And just when I thought things were quieting down...

...I'm back now. Believe it or not it was just the pups. It's amazing what a ruckus they can make when they put their little minds to it. Well, so much for tough love, I ran over and they covered me with puppy kisses and all seems right in their little puppy worlds. For now.

Well, were was I? Oh yes, I received the following note a few weeks ago:

Dear Suddie:
I have a beautiful 6 year old brindel tibetan female named Lexie for adoption. I have lost the breeders contact info. If interested, please call or email me. Thank you.

Well I had never met and knew nothing about this Joy person, but my interest was quite naturally piqued and I, at least, wanted to see what this TT named Lexie looks like. I received the following response after I wrote back requesting more info:

Dear Suddie:
I am not selling her. I am just looking for a good home. I am looking for a good home as my husband’s allergies got the best of him and the additional meds on top of his other meds are causing a problem. I have attached a current photo of her. She is bright, obedient, lovable and true to the breed. She only barks for protection and rides in the car like a mouse.

Well, I thought that Lexie sounded very nice and the situation unhappy, but I had never heard of anyone being allergic to a Tibetan Terrier.

In any case, I sent the note on to a few people that I knew were looking for an older Tibetan Terrier with the caveat that I knew nothing more than they did about Joy or Lexie. Well, three people got back to me and said that they were going to contact Joy. Then two of them contacted me to let me know that they hadn't heard back from Joy and did I know what was happening. No I did not! I have nine kids of my own to take care of! So, ugh, I emailed Joy and asked what was up. It turns out that in at least one case Joy's reply was sitting in the person's spam folder. And then I didn't hear anything. Not for quite a while. But then the following note was delivered to my mailbox:

Thanks for matching us up with Joy and Lexie. We picked her up yesterday and she is delightful. She has a great personality and is a beautiful dog. We are thrilled, she's just what we wanted.
You're a great matchmaker!
Thanks again,

I never heard a thing from Joy. Not even a simple thank you. Sick husbands can be a lot of work.

And when I replied to Carole and asked her for her address, I never heard back from her. I guess she didn't want the special little Christmas something I picked up just for Lexie.

I hope it all works out because you know playing with matches a girl can get burned.