Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bruin is a Bear

Bruin is another name for the brown bear usually used poetically. I looked it up because this is the new name of one of my little boys. I think it's perfect. As a matter of fact, I had taken to calling him Teddy because he has the face of an old fashioned teddy bear.

Here are the updates that I was delighted to receive from Bruin's new family.

Day 1
After much debate, we have decided on Bruin. This was the name of my grandmother's old teddy bear, which I still have...think it is close to 90 years old. He looks just like that old bear!
We had an easy ride home, he only cried for about 15 minutes and then settled right down and slept. Ate a good dinner, played some, slept some and overall is doing great! We'll see how tonight goes and will keep you posted.

The kids are over the moon, were so surprised and have been so calm and gentle with him. He greeted them with lots of kisses and they are thrilled. My youngest said, "This is all I need for Christmas Mom...I don't need any presents!"
Deb and Duke

Day 2
TO: Suddie
SUBJECT: First Night
Went great! He slept in the crate in our room and went through the night beautifully. Didn't make a peep until 7 am! Had a great breakfast and has lots of energy this morning. Is doing well with the potty training.

Day 3 Morning

Lots of snow here! Bruin went crazy this morning when he went out side....jumping, leaping, digging, eating mouthfuls, so cute! Tried to get some pics but he was moving so fast that I couldn't get any good shots. Think he is going to enjoy our trips to VT.
Another great night with him...he woke up around 5 and was a little disoriented in the driving snow, but then went back down nicely until 7. He has a lot of visitors yesterday and handled it really well. Seemed to enjoy all the attention! We are going to hunker down today and lie low....will send some pics later today. Thanks for those cute Christmas pics!
Did you get much snow out there?

Day 3 Evening

Bruin loves the really tired him out though, he spent a lazy day asleep in front of the fire!

He is such a great little guy and we are all head over heels in love with him!