Friday, April 29, 2011

Greasy Bear

You may, or may not, remember that I met Brandon Davis back when he was still hanging out with Paris Hilton at the Chateau Marmont. If you do, you might remember that I really liked the way he smelled.

You see, Brandon Davis has enough oil in his hair to join OPEC, which is ironic because he is the grandson of oil tycoon Marvin Davis. He glistens with sweat wherever he goes, and is thus referred to as the "oily oil heir" and "Greasy Bear" with great frequency.

His dad at one time owned 20th Century Fox, Pebble Beach, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Denver Broncos NFL, and the Aspen Skiing Company.

His lesser-known but more obese brother, Jason Davis, is often referred to as "Gummi Bear." Although Brandon was quite a gent with us, both brothers are often denied entry to nightclubs or kicked out of parties.

Well our friend Brandon is in trouble again. He was arrested last night on charges of battery and possession of a controlled substance after he punched Chelsea Lately castmember Ben Gleib in the face at the Roosevelt Hotel last night.

The socialite otherwise known as Greasy Bear was apparently denied entry to Beacher's Madhouse beforehand for "erratic behavior."

I must admit to a bit of a crush on Brandon. Who says dogs are such great judges of character?