Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tibetan Terrier Lost in Oakland, CA

I just learned that a sweet Tibetan Terrier named Sparkle is lost in Oakland, CA. I have posted Sparkle's pic above. Sparkle was wearing a collar when she was lost, but no ID tags. She is microchipped. If you have any information, please call the number listed below.

"We have a dog who is lost. She was last seen 11/2 in the area of Joaquin Miller and Skyline near the Dunn Trail At Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. She is a Gray and White Tibetan Terrier named Sparkle. If you have friends or family in this area please pass this along to to them to help us get her home. Could you forward this onto your list serve and glen friends? Any help would be greatly appreciated."

Please call 510-703-8163 with any information.

Good Genes?

I received a note from my boy Sherpa, Deep Acres Autumn Splendor, today. I just have to share it with you.

He's such a handsome boy and quite a good writer. Sherpa you make your momma proud.


Dear Mom,
Happy Fall. I can’t believe the holidays are almost here and it will be snowing again soon…. I’m very excited about the snow….My coat's a little longer than last year, so I’ll be toasty warm when we go on our hikes in the forest….

Remember last year when my dad sent a picture to that guy you live with, and when he saw the picture he said “OMG Sherpa is so handsome have you thought of showing him?" And my dad replied “No I’m not showing him, I’ve never been to a dog show." Hummmm….famous last words…..

I’m not sure what happened BUT the past 2 weekends I received 5 more points and now I have 2 majors and 13 points…….What does it all mean??? Neither dad nor I are sure, however almost every show we’ve entered I’ve received points or a major….And we haven’t been to that many shows…… 2 more points and I’ll be a champion…..

Dad says I have great GENES, I have to agree because when I look at you, dad, and my brothers and sisters, we really are a handsome lot…One lady who breeds TT’s asked dad if he would bring in my pedigree…. She told dad not only does she think I’m handsome she also likes my personality…..Dad's friends call them beauty pageants……I think it’s a lot of fuss about nothing……Humans, go figure….
Well mom just a quick update, I’m sure we’ll be talking soon…

I love you-